What is Parenting, But Learning?

What is parenting but learning? If you are constantly thinking about how much you have to give, you are whining. We were not given the divine gift of motherhood to whine about it and figure out what is doesn’t do for us; although, many fill their days contemplating this very thing. Our time is challenged so that we can know patience. Our quiet time is encroached upon to test our charity. Seeing the beauty that comes from a child solving a problem with a sibling or learning how to control his own emotions is much more rewarding than the selfish kind of gratification that the “Calgon take me away” commercials of the 1980’s represented. The time making dinner is a show of love for the family, not a duty that must be performed for these people that you live with when you would rather be doing something else. We shouldn’t give baths and sing songs in the car and feel we never get any time alone. We should be reminded the simple things in life are for learning about love and life. We are to become stronger in this life. The focus needs to be; what we are supposed to see, how are we supposed to learn, and what does it really mean to be happy with our callings in this life?

As women, we have an amazing ability to change the world. If we only think about what we don’t have and what we wish we did have, then we are forfeiting our moments that could be impacting others for good to the evil power of disappointment. A parent is a leader. If the parent just follows the chaos around lamenting over the lost time, then they cannot show their children what it means to embrace the leadership call of womanhood and mother. Yes, putting out the fires is important, but embracing the fires as a strength building part of your mission is life changing. What you see is what you get! Change the way you are looking at your home. If you never see you having enough time, you will never have enough time; and you will constantly be down. Don’t do that to yourself. What is parenting but for the parent to find her strength and power as a daughter of God?

Nicholeen Peck


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