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Youth (10-18)

basketball skills for young players

How Parents Sabotage Their Children Socially

Generally, most parents want their children to have good social skills. They want them to be well liked and to be kind, respectful communicators. Unfortunately, some of these very well-meaning parents might act... more

Problem Solving Practice While Camping

“Quin, you left a mess in the bathroom! Clean it!” called Paije from the mini bathroom in our comfy travel trailer. “No, you take care of it.” said Quin. “Get in here and clean your mess!”... more

Training the Heart Youth Class

In a follow up to her popular adult class "Training the Heart," Nicholeen Peck has released a version designed especially for the youth!  In her slightly rambunctious style, Nicholeen conveys the critical mess... more

Obedience - The First Homeschool Lesson

In a new class given to a live audience, Nicholeen Peck discusses how to get your children ready for life by teaching obedience as part of Homeschool.  Being able to be obedient is the first and fundamental bu... more

Obedience: What And How?

Have your children ever been disobedient?  Obedience is an important aspect in the home.  It creates unity and brings happiness.  But not all people are willing to give it easily.  What has to be in place... more

Making Logical Parenting Choices

Have you ever made a decision that didn't seem quite logical, to you or other people, but you felt it was the right thing to do? Listen to this audio clip!... more

The Cultural Parenting Revolution

Are you an effective parent?  Are you causing you children more harm than good? These are questions that all consientious parents ask themselves. In a groundbreaking class, Nicholeen Peck discusses popular for... more

"Master Your Mother Tongue": Building Character

My father used to always say, "Master your mother tongue and you will make a mark upon the world that will be noticed."  This advice changed my life.  I am still not perfectly articulate, but it is always on... more