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TSG Principles


Have Courage!

I have a few poems that are my all time favorites.  This is one of them.  It reminds me that to have courage when I need it most I must already have it within me.  I must nurture my courage each day as I ste... more

Love And Logic VS Teaching Self-Government

There are many different types of parenting.  One of the most commonly known and used system is Love and Logic.  Some people have asked if Love and Logic is similar to Teaching Self-Government. Is it?... more

Parents Say The Darndest Things

I have heard some pretty creative and ridiculous things from the mouths of adults. Here are some of my favorite silly parent things to say and why the parent should pick a new thing to say.   ... more

The Cultural Parenting Revolution

Are you an effective parent?  Are you causing you children more harm than good? These are questions that all consientious parents ask themselves. In a groundbreaking class, Nicholeen Peck discusses popular for... more

Media Wars

What do you do when your spouse doesn't agree with you about media choices?  A woman I met explained that it was very hard for her to maintain consistent media standards for the family when her husband doesn'... more