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Toddlers (0-4)

Tips For Using Time-out With Toddlers

"My 2yo has started crying a LOT the past few days.  Over every little thing.   Nothing is different physically or environmentally that I can tell.  He already has his 2yo molars, too..   He's just been c... more

Runaway Two Year Old

Q: "With my 2 and half yr old. She frequently will run away from me when I call her, wanting to turn it into a game of chase. Sometimes this is at a store or getting into the car, sometimes it is when she needs... more

Order at Home

One of my passions is astronomy.  When I go out in my backyard and look through my telescope at my friends, the planets and stars, I feel so close to God.  Not because heaven is in space, but because it is... more

Parenting On the Go ~Car and Store Struggles

Hi, Nicholeen,   I have a quick question for you.  I'm struggling with what to do for discipline/consequences when we're away from home.  (Specifically in the car or in a store.)   My kids tend to pick... more

Tantrums, Time-Out and Tired Moms

Hi, I am a tired mom who is really trying very hard to have all the time and the spirit in our home. I have 2 kids. My lovely daughter, is freshly 4 years old and my sweet son, is 20 months old. Ours days are p... more

Time-out for youngsters tip

One more tip for making time-out effective. If your son doesn't say OK to anything, take him to time-out.  If you say NO, and he whines, he goes to time-out.  If you tell him to do something, and he doesn'... more

Out of Control on Time-out

"My almost 3 yo fights and kicks and cries when I take him to time-out (I have to carry him there), and then cries very loudly and even will scream at me when I'm telling him that he needs to stay there until h... more

Changing generations

The Universe is governed by laws. One of those laws is that an older, wiser species comes before the new, innocent young of the same species to guide the younger toward right choices and acceptable behaviors.... more