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Children (4-10)

Back Talking Cure

Question: “How do you stop children from back talking?” Answer: Children talking back, or sassing, to their parents seems to be a behavior many children experiment with. At different phases of developm... more

How To Get Children To Behave

“HI Nicholeen. I have the biggest problem in implementing your method... when  you give a consequence but they refuse to do it...???then WHAT?? I can give  them all the jobs they "earned" but can't make the... more

Difficulty Waking Up

  Question:   “I just purchased your book online.  I am excited to read it.  I am a mother  of 3 boys, 16, 13, and 11.  Years ago we got each boy his own alarm clock &  talked about being responsi... more

Social Success: Too Little Friend Time Part 2

Last week I talked about how there are certain skills which are important to posess for social success.  These skills are different from the self-government skills I teach in my Parenting A House United ... more