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Children (4-10)

The Clingy Child Cure: From Clingy To Confident

  “What do I do about my child? She will not leave my side. I know I should love her attention and affection, but she is smothering me. I can't do anything without her hanging and clinging onto me. Me and... more

The Home School Helper

Is your home school feeling lack-luster, boring or ... dead? Have you ever wondered what's next for your children's education? Fear not! Nicholeen Peck and Teaching Self Government have created the perfect cl... more

Children’s Books Package

Over $60 value! Includes: "Londyn LaRae Says Okay!"  (Following Instructions) "Porter Earns A Quarter"  (Accepting "No" Answers) "Big Win for Quin"  (Accepting Consequences) "Paije Takes the Stage" (D... more

5 Social Lessons Every Child Must Know

5 Social Lessons Every Child Must Know Come hear Nicholeen get real about what is happening in the world today and why we deeply need social skills. This presentation was given as a part of a Family Forum... more

Interrupting Porter – Child Behavior Problems

Child Behavior I don't know a parent who wouldn't say, “My child is so smart!” We all recognize the intelligence our children possess. But, what about when they just can't stop themselves from blurtin... more

Home Made Christmas Gifts For Kids

  Over the years we have had a variety of Christmases. Some years we have had more money than other years, but no matter the income we have always felt like we wanted to give our children something which would... more