Natalie Fluckiger Testimonial | Teaching Self-Government

Natalie Fluckiger Testimonial

Nicholeen is so inspiring.  I love all of her products and recommend them frequently to my friends.  What she teaches every family should know.  Changing a child's heart is not an easy process, but as we step up our family government and really start to understand what self-government is, and how to change ourselves - miracles happen.  It truly is a life-long journey. 
Nicholeen sure has a knack for articulating what you just can put your finger on.  She teaches you to see what you are missing.  It is so amazing how most all behaviors fit under the 4 Basic Skills.  I will be forever grateful for the Power of Calm, and the Rule of Three.  Thank you for your time and dedication to your life's mission. 
Natalie Fluckiger