D.D. Black Testimonial | Teaching Self-Government

D.D. Black Testimonial

"My family & I have been immensely blessed by the true principles at the heart of the Teaching Self-Government system. We are so grateful for the help this resource has provided to our family in successfully overcoming conflict, confusion & anxiety, & closing the gap between what we truly desire in our hearts & what we actually experience in our day to day lives & interactions with each other. As individuals, as a couple, as parents & as a whole family; we have learned how to much more effectively communicate & thus how to much more effectively be heard, connect & correct - resulting in much stronger, more joyful & much more fulling relationships, parenting interactions & (immensely more effective!) teaching opportunities throughout the day. Through these & the other self-government skills, we are able to actually implemented in our home the truths at the core of Teaching Self-Government much more effectively. I am so very grateful for the healing, peace & increased joy this resource & these truths have, & continue to help bring to each of us individually, to our marriage, to our home & to all of our relationships." D.D. Black

D.D. Black