Support Call 3-9-16 | Teaching Self-Government

Support Call 3-9-16

Whole Call

Group Correction Priorities


Could you discuss priorities in your approach to disciplining multiple children? For example: I begin a corrective teaching with one child when another child (who I just corrected) begins to disobey again, and another child is jumping on the couch (something never allowed), and my two year old starts screaming unintelligibly for something I don't understand. This usually happens just when I start to make dinner. I sometimes just slow down and take the time to do all the discipling but then dinner is very late and a disaster and bedtime is late and a disaster.


  • This time of day is often referred to as arsenic hour.  It is definitely the hardest time because everyone needs food and they are more anxious. 
  • First:  Dinner planning will make a big difference. This is what I used to do and still do if Londyn isn’t cooking…
  • Second: My priorities are: baby first, do teaching in the order it occurs, but you might have to defuse a situation and then come back to the teaching. You may need a holding place for each child while they are waiting for their correction. Give instruction to wait in the holding place and then go back to the first correction. 
  • Pre-teaching for dinner prep time and pre-teaching for the times you are correcting another child can make a lot of difference too. 

Saving Our Daughter's Identities


How can we save our daughter's identities? This international woman's day is suppose to honor women. But it seems to be trying to turn women into men. My two young daughters watched the Google doodle video today, March 8th. After the very short video my 9 year old asked: Why do boys get to do all the cool things? Like pass the sacrament and go to scouts? I explained women's roles of mother and wife and my 6 year old chimed in about activity days for girls in our church. But my 9 year old just brushed it off, like those things are not cool. What do you suggest?


  • Let’s talk about the content of that movie…
  • A story from my past about how I made the switch to valuing womanhood and motherhood.
  • What we can do to help our daughters sort through all the messages.
  • Number one most important is to be the woman they will want to be.

Correcting Mom: Yes Or No?


Worries about mental health problems in the family. Mother keeps interfering with sister’s life. Should I say something to mom?  If so, what? Or, should I just keep out of it?