October 2019 Support Calls | Teaching Self-Government

October 2019 Support Calls

Support Call 10-30-19

This Call Covers:

Discussing the seperation between emotion and logic in parenting

Parents disagreeing appropriately with each other

Support Call 10-23-19

This Call Covers:

Helping small children deal with separation anxiety

Passive-Agressive out of control children

Learning to love children who won't show love back

Support Call 10-9-19

This Call Covers:

Everything Sleep and bedtime!

- young children who won't stay in bed

- Older kids staying up late

- Negotiating bedtime

- Getting the whole family to bed on time

Support Call 10-2-19

This Call Covers:

Correcting children who won't claim responsibility

Helping a child who has been out of control for weeks

Children who complain a lot

When to pressure children