June 2019 Support Calls | Teaching Self-Government

June 2019 Support Calls

Support Call 6-26-19

This Call Covers:

Dishonest Children

Anxiety in small children

Self-image and Self-worth struggles in teenagers

Support Call 6-20-19

This Call Covers:

Anxious children and extra chores

Maintaining a calm and loving tone even hard situations

Support Call 6-12-19

This call includes:

-A mother's concerns about her son's self-worth and self-bullying behavior
-Grandmother is living in the home and is undermining and judging the TSG system the mother has established

Support Call 6-7-19

This Call Covers:

Helping children adapt to the college experience

Improving self esteem in teenagers

Emotionally reactive children

Loss of privliges and the rule of three

Support Call 5-31-19

This Call Covers:

Helping children with confidence when their father isnt on board

Helping children to not go out of control

Keeping yourself calm

Too many extra chores?