June 2018 Support Calls | Teaching Self-Government

June 2018 Support Calls

Support Call 6-29-18

This Call Covers:
  • Stoping stealing at home
  • Stopping defiant behavior in teenagers
  • Getting a non-motivated husband on board

Support Call 6-22-18

This Call Covers:
  • Correcting children that aren't your own/Babysitting
  • Out of control car behavior
  • Balancing mercy and justice in parenting
  • How to deal with children when they walk away from you
  • Fixing bedtimes

Support Call 6-15-18

This Call Covers:
  • Helping children be gentle with other children
  • TSG for adult children
  • Proper application of the rule of three
  • Helping children accept their own no answers
  • Helping children with a sugar addiction

Support Call 6-6-18

This Call Covers:

  • Potty training for hard children
  • Stopping swearing
  • Figuring out the next steps for your family
  • How to stay consistent
  • Helping siblings get along

Support Call 6-1-18

This Call Covers:

  • Slowly implementing TSG
  • Stoping Back-talking/implementing the Rule of Three