January 2018 Support Calls | Teaching Self-Government

January 2018 Support Calls

Support Call 1-26-18

This Call Covers:

  • What to do when a friend's family completely disrespects you in your own home.
  • Helping out a stubborn child
  • Dealing with laundry problems
  • A computer addiction in a child

Support Call 1-19-18

This Call Covers:

  • Helping out with parent calmness
  • Does TSG promote abuse and vulnerability?
  • Dealing with lying children who threaten to run away
  • Helping a child who is prone to breaking things

Support Call 1-12-18

This Call Covers:

  • Teaching children not to be judgemental
  • Dealing with anger management issues
  • Helping you maintain your patience when you're running thin

Support Call 1-5-18

This Call Covers:

  • Learning Self-Government in a oppositional environment
  • Discerning if someone is actually calm
  • Dealing with an adolecent media addiction
  • ADHD and routines