December 2017 Support Calls | Teaching Self-Government

December 2017 Support Calls

Support Call 12-29-17

This Call Covers:

  • How to create a solid and wholesome family culture
  • Some questions about children's behavior during extra chore time

Support Call 12-22-17

This Call Covers:

  • How to help children who are compulsive liars
  • Ways to show compassion without coddling your children
  • Dealing with anxiety in small children
  • Helping a child overcome swearing and backtalk
  • Fun Games for the whole family!
  • Dealing with calm down spot infractions/staying calm yourself

Support Call 12-15-17

This Call Covers:

  • What a TSG bedtime looks like
  • When is it ok to micromanage?
  • Helping children with potty training
  • Using the modified rule of three
  • Disciplining yourself during pregnancy

Support Call 12-8-17

This Call Covers:

  • Helping young children accept no answers
  • How to help an extremely independent child stay in instructional control
  • Dealing with very obstinate children
  • Creating an inspring home atmosphere for your children
  • What to do when one sibling acts in open contempt towards another
  • Helping young children genuinely calm down

Support Call 12-1-17

This Call Covers:

  • How to help high-energy children interact with each other and not get hurt
  • How long/often you should hold your child in the calm down spot
  • Giving very tired children consequences and corrections.  How to deal with excuses.
  • Helping children reach economic goals
  • Stopping children from stealing food.
  • How to balance homeschool and housework