The Power of Christmas | Teaching Self-Government

The Power of Christmas

The Power of Christmas

Scrooge's Journey to Self-Government

This is a mini-class that was created on a Support Call.  It talks about: 

  • How Scrooge does The 4 Keys of Self-Government
  • How to get excited that your journey is taking you closer to your vision
  • How bondage causes human blindness
  • How to give help people see reason if they are in a selfish place
  • Teaching children to help others understand they are perceived by others
  • Helping kids see how their actions affect other people
  • Cause and effect — connecting the lessons of the past and present to forge a brighter future
  • How Scrooge comes to realize that he is missing happiness
  • The joy parents feel when they help their children break free from bondage
  • How this story relates to each of our stories of self-government
  • How to discuss this with your family to help them see the Power of Christmas   

May the lessons, joy and blessings of Christmas linger with your family all year long! 

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