Next Step - Optional Child Care

Our live event location offers child care at an affordable price for the full duration of our Parenting Mastery training!

Cost includes all 3 days, on a per child basis, so please add one per child. It includes staff, snacks, and entertainment for the children. If your child has a special diet, please plan on bringing the meals you would like them to eat.

Youth who are of sufficient age and maturity to be able to sit still and pay attention during the entire event may receive permission from Nicholeen to attend. Please contact us first to receive permission. You can come back to this page after checking out if you are unsure if your child is ready to attend with the adults.

Children who are too young to participate can enjoy the private school, being cared for and entertained during your training. Any issues that arise with the youth will go through the child care provider to you, children will not be allowed in the event classroom during the training.

Increase the quantity above to enroll multiple children.
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