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In the post below titled Honesty, I said that there is an article already written on the subject.  Some people have had a hard time accessing it.  Type communicating honestly into the search bar at your top r... more


"I have two boys ages 7 and 4.  My 7yo has developed a couple problems: stealing and lying.  I think that I/we have been making the problem worse in the way we have handled it.  We also have a HUGE problem w... more


...I am presenting a class to the youth in my area called, "Scholar Warriors ~ The Not So Secret Weapon", based upon my character and warrior presentations.  This should be lots of fun!  We will hav... more

I hear you!

"I can understand this, mom! I have a 7 year old who pretty much spent most of his first 5 years in timeout. About 2 years ago, I attended one of Nicholeen’s seminars. We decided to implement the losing of p... more

Mom's hang-up

"Thanks so much for all the wisdom and inspiration you share.  I have a son (age 11) who zapps so much emotional energy from me.  Over the last several months, I've really been trying to see things as they ar... more

Some Days

Some days I am running so fast from thing to thing that my full life makes me feel empty. Some days I have such a long list of things to do that I feel overwhelmed. Some days I realize I am overwhelmed and emp... more

Using the Rule of Three

"Another question I had was, does the rule of 3 start over for each incident?  Are the 3 consequences for staying out of instructional control as relating to the first incident?  I just want to make sure I un... more

If it's right, it's right!

The following question and answer deals with something that many families deal with.  In order to raise the kind of family that is going to reach our 20 year vision, we have to make choices that are different... more

Comment on post below

"Thanks!  It helps a lot to know that I can have both personal standards and a family standard, and to hear your experiences.  I think I have been afraid to set an example and refuse things for myself that he... more