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Look "em" in the eyes

We close the end of each day with a prayer as a family.  This is a time of reverence and quiet.  Tonight my four year old son was a little bit hyper.  Normally as soon as prayer begins everyone is silent a... more

Effective use of consequences

"On your CDs you mention coming up with three predetermined consequences--a minor consequence, a major consequence, and a big whammy, but throughout the presentations it sounded like you gave examples of more t... more

For Crying out Loud ~Screaming

"I have listened to the cd’s from your mini-seminar at our LDSEHE conference. I am so amazed at your system! I can see how it would work wonderfully in my home - especially with my 3 older children. My fourth... more

The number one mission

"My husband and I are listening to your CDs.  We've heard you speak a few times but never got the whole thing before.  Your CDs are definitely an answer to prayer.  I've tried for a long time to figure out h... more

For our youth.

True Story from my life:  I share this story with youth when I present "Scholar Warriors ~ The Not So Secret Weapon"  I will be presenting this to a group of Ogden, Utah youth tomorrow morning. ... more

What do you do when...?

"How do you go about rewarding the kids who did not lose privileges in a way that the child who chose to lose his privileges looks at his own behavior as the cause of him missing out, instead of just feeling li... more


In the post below titled Honesty, I said that there is an article already written on the subject.  Some people have had a hard time accessing it.  Type communicating honestly into the search bar at your top r... more


"I have two boys ages 7 and 4.  My 7yo has developed a couple problems: stealing and lying.  I think that I/we have been making the problem worse in the way we have handled it.  We also have a HUGE problem w... more


...I am presenting a class to the youth in my area called, "Scholar Warriors ~ The Not So Secret Weapon", based upon my character and warrior presentations.  This should be lots of fun!  We will hav... more