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The Easter Alternative

“The Easter Bunny didn't come to your house today?" the young boy said to me right before the neighborhood Easter egg hunt some years ago. "He came to our house.Easter ideas for familiescelebrating the Savior... more

The Family Is Like A Book

Our family memorizes a poem and a scripture each week. Every day after we have our family scripture time, we say the poem and the scripture three times each. After a week, we usually have them memorized.poems a... more

Are Your Children Slaves to the Media? 

Parenting Lessons From A Ten Year Old "Oh Mom, that is so sad!" said ten-year-old Porter when he got in the car after our fun family night activity. "What is so sad Porter?" I inquired.gaming addiction st... more
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Judging or Instructing? Great Parents Do This!

Sometimes wonderful moments of instruction are missed because parents are afraid that the teaching moment might cross the line into judging.talking to teenshow to develop character in kidsdealing with difficult... more