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Disagreeing Appropriately

My kids LOVE being able to disagree appropriately, but I don't want them to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME!  They are smart and have good reasons for wanting to do things a different way, and sometimes I am very happ... more
Mother cuddling on bed with children

The Wrong List

I participate in a couple of monthly discussion groups.  The conversations at these groups are really inspiring, not to mention thought provoking. At one of these groups, the topic turned to how much alone t... more
Happy Family of 3

Family Meeting Tips

Don't forget your meetings! Family meetings are the core of Teaching Self-Government.  If you have weekly family meetings, the whole family will stay focused on their family government.  See what happens whe... more
Girl making her bed

Morning Routine Motivation

2 - What kind of opportunities do you give for kids to follow through before getting consequences? Example:  It is each child's responsibility to make their bed, tidy their bedroom, get dressed to shoes befor... more

Character Building

In our family meeting this Sunday a topic was brought up that our family needs to do more service.  We asked for suggestions.  After going over many options, we decided that Dad would call a ranch in our c... more
Girl stealing cookie

Certain Consequences For Certain Behaviors

A blog reader wrote: 1 - We don't have a "rule" or certain consequence set up for every behavior in the book (nor do we want so many specific rules!)  So, I'm wondering if "just-plain-not-doing-what-you-know-... more
Child light bulb

Sometimes They Figure It Out Themselves

Today the family did lots of yard work.  We decided that we are on vacation this week.  That means a break from the regular routine.  We usually do this a couple of times per year to get all the yard and gar... more
Angry Children

When Is It Tattling?

"I agree that there are definitely times I want my kids to tell me about what's been happening, and you mentioned that you make sure your foster kids know the difference between the two--how do you that?  Some... more
Mother giving high five to daughter

Praising For Real

A reader said that praising doesn't come naturally for her.  In fact, praising seems fake and annoying to this mother.  She asked:  I don't want to be a cheerleader, always saying "Good job" no matter what-... more
Tantrum Face

Poopy Pants and Tantrums

Nicholeen, I have one problem I have not figured out how to resolve.  My son (6) is a great kid, but there is one thing that sets him off every time to the point that he hits, kicks, screams, says unkind th... more
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