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Fathers: Parent or Playmate Part 2

We have just made a pretty good argument for Dad’s to parent differently and have different experiences with their children.  However, having a different God given role doesn’t mean that Dad should feel se... more

Fathers: Parent or Playmate Part 1

I have had many questions lately asking if fathers should parent different and how to help father become part of mother's vision for the family.  There are many different situations and personalities, so th... more

Does TSG Work On Trips?

"I just wanted you to know that I have SO enjoyed reading your posts, I've been going through the archives and it has been so helpful.  We have started the program even though I am still a little fog... more

Perspective And Self-Preservation

Dear Parents,     My son happened to lose his hat in the Air and Space Museum in DC.  We didn't find out that he had lost the NEW hat until we had been kicked out of the museum at closing time.  It t... more

"I don't remember..."

"Mom, I don't remember what home looks like, but I do remember what you look like." This morning, my four year old son woke me up with these words.  I was amazed that in less than two weeks he had forgotten... more

A Lesson Learned

     We came to DC thinking we could get mugged.  We left our hotel this morning, with our money hidden, and pinned in our pockets, and no bags visible to steal.  We were ready to battle the muggers of DC... more
Girl whispering in class

Can I Use TSG With Someone Else's Child? Continued

           Thank you for answering my question! Here are a few more specifics if it helps. I am mostly dealing with younger children–I am teaching the oldest age group I have ever had this year, the... more
Women sewing

Melanie Sees the Future

Years ago I was participating in a sewing activity at my church. Many women had gathered at the church with their sewing machines. At this activity, there was a four year old girl that kept touching the knobs o... more
Girl whispering in class

Can I Use TSG With Someone Else's Child?

I teach Primary at church, and have taught several different age groups over the past few years.  It seems that every year, there is at least one child in my class who has a lot of problems behaving properly a... more