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Getting Started

"I was just wondering, when trying to set up this type of family government for the first time, does it take several family meetings before you can actually implement it?  You talk about how each meeting shoul... more

A comment

In case some of you don't look at the comments, I wanted to share this one.  "I definitely relate to this mother’s feelings. It is really overwhelming to implement this new system and I make mistakes all th... more

All at once?

"I first just want to thank you for the wonderful things you do.  I attended the LDSEHE conference in Virginia in May and LOVED the classes I went to from you so much that I bought your CDs.  Since then, I've... more


Helpful tips.  #1.  Really look into the eyes of your child when she is talking.  And watch the movements and gestures of her body and face while she plays and communicates to you.  This simple thing brings... more
woman and little boy reading at opposite ends of a park bench

Communication: More Than Talking

My son went to bed around midnight one night due to one of his barbershop rehearsals. This morning when he woke up he realized that he didn't remember to wake up to help the boy scouts deliver flags for the 24t... more
mother hugging child

Poor Richard

"He that cannot bear with other people's passions, cannot govern his own."  ~Benjamin Franklin This applies, in many ways, to self-government.... more
boy cleaning room

Cleaning a Bedroom

How do you find a good consequence for a thre-year-old who won't participate in cleaning a shared bedroom? This mother explained to me of her struggle with this issue. This is the advice I gave her. ... more

Should I Pre-teach EVERY instruction?

This mother's son has a hard time following instructions if there isn't a pre-teach before every instruction. Does she have to pre-teach before every instruction?... more

Job Jar

Job jars are great, but what to put in them? How many chores can you really do around one house? Here's a list of jobs you can use!... more

Motivation problems

A mother is concerned with her 18-year-old daughter. The daughter seems insulted with the concept and idea of following instructions. Consequences seem to be ineffective. ... more