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Impulsivness, ADHD and consequences

 "My son has ADHD...My main concerns are the impulsiveness...and  the fighting with his brothers- he literally cannot walk past without hitting them, punching them,   teasing them.  Car rides can be a re... more

Fighting with non-family members

"I have been reading your website and listening to your CD’s and practicing what I’ve learned from you.  It has helped tremendously with the level of peace in our home.  A situation occurred last night... more

What consequences do small children earn?

 "In your house, what are the privileges that are taken away when they lose 'everything' for 24 hours?   At what age can they understand that?   Or, what do you do with very little ones who are testing bou... more

I'm hurt Mom...

"I've just been wondering about how to respond appropriately when my children get hurt.  I don't want to be unsympathetic or cruel, but how do you respond if it's something you have pointed out they shouldn't... more


<font size="2" face="Arial">Enjoy all that the children are and do.  Interact a lot with them.  Play!  They grow too fast to waste any time.  I have spent too many days trying to b... more

A Whole Selfish Family

A week ago, I was standing in the kitchen canning peaches, and my whole family atmosphere fell apart all around me in a matter of five minutes.  My son was asked by his father to help with something in the bac... more

Time for Mom & Toddlers who won't rest

There are some great questions in some of the recent comments.  "...Most women I know are neglecting taking care of themselves on some level (physical or spiritual) to take care of their families or other o... more


Tomorrow our family has to leave early for the day.  While driving the car tonight I realized that we didn't have any gas, and if we had to get gas tomorrow morning, we would probably end up running late for o... more

Bad Habits

"Some of my kids have developed bad habits such as finger-sucking, nose picking (and eating it), fingernail chewing, and touching their genitals.  Do you have any experience or advice on helping children succe... more

Look "em" in the eyes

We close the end of each day with a prayer as a family.  This is a time of reverence and quiet.  Tonight my four year old son was a little bit hyper.  Normally as soon as prayer begins everyone is silent a... more