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Christmas Gift Of Identity

Every year I read Christmas stories to my children each morning for the twelve days of Christmas, and then on December 23rd we read stories and sleep under the Christmas tree for Christmas Eve Eve.inspiring Chr... more
Christmas Kisses

Christmas Contention Resolved!

I've never liked the part in the Christmas song It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas when it says “Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.” Every time I hear this it makes me sad.  Sad th... more

Man Vs. Wife: Sabotage or Self-Government?

I'd like to tell you a story about a couple — we'll call them Jan and Rob. In this scenario, they’re a married couple that has long struggled to communicate effectively.couple relationshipcouples argumentsh... more
Working alongside parents can create life-changing lessons and precious memories.

One Easy Way to Preserve Family Memories

Lasting memories can easily be forgotten if they’re not recorded. Keeping a record of them will ensure that the precious parts of your family’s past don’t get forgotten.familymemoriesfamilies working toge... more

Teenaged Boy Shows Crowd the Spirit to Succeed

The air was sticky with moisture and it was noisy from the sound of parents and siblings talking in between heats. The next heat of swimmers was on the blocks ready to swim the 400-meter freestyle event.age gro... more