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What Is Destroying Family Bonding?

There is an international parent/child bonding problem. The world has never seen a global lack of parent/child attachment like this before. Of course, there are factors leading to this detachment, factors that the world has also never seen before. Are we experimenting on our families and children and calling it good leadership? Have we given …

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A Letter of Hope From a Mother To Her Children

It might seem unusual to share this personal letter publicly, but I felt many mothers and fathers could relate. My two oldest children have recently left from home. The combination of those events, the ongoing negative messaging about motherhood and families, as well as a few positive events (like the upcoming Mom’s March), inspired me …

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Support Call 6-9-17

This call covers:

  • preventing judgemental attitudes in children
  • Difference between behavioral differences and immorality
  • Extra chores/Negative Consequences on the road
  • Dietary effects on behavior
  • Teaching Children to Dissagree Appropriately with each other
  • Teaching autistic children TSG
  • Handling children who go out of control once they lose privleges
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13-Year-Old Girl Changes Lives by Changing Her Heart

It’s difficult to know what other people are processing about a situation or experience. Parents often assume they know the thoughts of their children, but sometimes they don’t. Each child is so unique, and their view of a situation is unique to them too. This is a story about a young girl we’ll call Megan. …

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Support Call 4-25-14

In this call, there some wonderful questions ranging from trouble with spouses and teaching toddlers boundaries to proper roles. It helped those on the call to understand more about their situations and how to fix them. Hopefully you will understand more fully when you listen to the call too!

Here are the questions:

  • Why do roles matter and how can roles be reinforced?
  • How do we use TSG with our 2 year old when he hits or bites his siblings?
  • How can you possibly have the energy and time to do all 8 steps in the correction that you mention in your course?
  • How can I make my spouse my top priority? I’m still struggling with nagging and threatening. What am I missing? Also, you mentioned Emotional Vomiting and that it is an “Animal Instinct” to have emotions, but also to want to have control. Can you explain more please?