Podcast 124 – Meet the Mentors: Bryony Wilde “The Three C’s of Successful Parenting”

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije begin a new mini series! Teaching Self-Government has so many amazing certified mentors and we wanted you to get to know them and learn from them. “Meet the Mentors” introduces Bryony Wilde, who shares about her experiences with families all over the globe and shares three key principles for successful parenting, no matter where you fall on the success scale. Listen in to learn from Bryony!

The Key To Experiencing Christmas More Fully

Christmas stories are the best! They really have a way of teaching our hearts about the true meaning of Christmas, when the to-do lists seem to take over the month of December. Even though many of the best Christmas stories involve someone giving a gift, the stories aren’t really about giving. They are about something …

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Stressed woman

Look Up!

One morning I woke up with this list of things to do that day on my mind.Ok, I didn’t plan on one of my children throwing up, but the rest was planned.Before I even got my swimsuit on to leave for the pool, I felt this tight feeling in my chest and my head started to ache.I tried taking some deep breaths to calm myself down, but itdidn’t seem to work. I kept going and thought my workout might relax me.