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Salt Lake County All Day Seminar

After completing the seminar, you will have a solid foundation of skills that will allow you to remain calm and know what to do in almost any parenting situation. Once you begin applying these principles in your home, you will soon see a change in yourself and your children as they begin to make correct choices for themselves and recognize both the positive and negative consequences of their own decisions.


Couples’ Retreat Re-Cap

On May 9 – 11, 2013 Nicholeen and Spencer Peck hosted their second couples’ retreat in Hideaway Valley, Utah. People came from all over North America to attend. Watch this video to hear what some of the couples said about the retreat. A Retreat Testimonial: Dear Nicholeen, Austin and I had so much fun at …

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Toddler Tantrums At The Most Inconvenient Times!

“But, what do you do when they are screaming, and it’s time to walk out the door?” a father asked me at a recent conference. “My strong willed three year old son is very difficult at those times.”

I looked at this wonderfully dedicated father, and felt his frustration. Who hasn’t felt the anxiety build when a child has a tantrum right when you are leaving for church or leaving for work?


They Can Smell It: Parenting Videos

Have you ever heard that old phrase about how dogs can “smell fear?” Well, dogs aren’t the only ones who can smell fear; children can too. Children know the moment they have you. They know when mom is out of ideas and dad is ready to explode. They know.

All people are born with this kind of sense about other people, so it is natural for children to consider it as valuable as seeing or tasting.


Can Too Much Friend Time Hurt Children?

“Nicholeen, can my child have too much friend time? I have noticed that he begs for it all the time, but doesn’t really want to play with his brothers and sisters that much. What should I do?”

As many of you know, in my Audio seminar and book, Parenting A House United, I talk about how children usually tell you exactly what they don’t need by asking for it all the time.

Just like if my child keeps begging me for junk food, I know he needs health


Yes Or No? ~Parent Choices

Is it easier to tell children yes or no when they ask a question?

The answer to this question could depend on what kind of person you are.

Are the kind of parent who really likes to be in control of the goings on in the family and don’t like to be bothered with plans changing, outfits changing, or extra work for a new idea? If you are this kind of person you probably find it is easier to tell the children no when they ask to go play at a friends, finger paint, make cookies, or go swimming.

Peck Family Sings: What Is A Family?

Since our whole family enjoys singing we have wanted a family song for a while. Well, finally we did it. Our great friend and mentor, Lawrence Gee put music to some words about family that I wrote out. Lawrence knows our family well, and understands the principles of self-government too, so he crafted a song that was just perfect for us to sing. This song is our Christmas present to your family. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Feel free to share this with other people too. It is meant to inspire parents and children to live as a more united family. Sending you all our love! ~The Peck Family


China flag puzzle

I Need Your Help!

As many of you may know I am a woman with a mission. Quite simply, the mission is to assist in healing homes in preparation for difficult and exciting times to come. If the families of the world follow correct principles and live lives of love, selflessness, self-control, and good communication, then they will be ready to weather the storms of life in these days and to be ready for the exciting times ahead. I have a message to share with the world which will bring peace to homes and souls. We all have a purpose and we must fit ourselves to it.

KJZZ Morning Show This Friday

If you are up to watching television this Friday, May 14,  from 9-10 in the morning, Spencer and I will be appearing on channel 14 in Utah and surrounding areas.  The call station is KJZZ 14.  We will be featured in two segments on parenting.  This month we are talking about teaching our children how to accept no answers. 

Tell your friends about the show.  Maybe they will want to see who I am and benefit from our time in the telelvision station.

Nicholeen and Spencer Peck on TV

This Friday, March 12,  Spencer and I will be featured to appear again for two segments on the KJZZ morning show.  This show airs in Utah on channel 14 from 9 – 10 in the morning.  This Friday’s topic is going to be using consequences appropriately.

They have asked us to appear each month for two segments on parenting.  At this point we have been told we will always appear on the second Fridays of the month.  If you have friends who could be helped from the things we teach you may want to refer them to the show.  It is our hope that many families will benefit from the principles we know as


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