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Self-Governed People Train Their Focus Forward

“I think I ruined my child,” a mother told me in desperation as she explained some of the behavior problems and disconnection problems her teenage son was having. She was being honest with herself about mistakes that she might have made in her son’s upbringing. My heart ached for her. She might have unknowingly done …

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Grandparents Parenting ~ And Principles for Good Communication With Anyone or Any Group

“Grandparents need the lessons taught by Nicholeen. I have 43 grandchildren. As I took care of 5 of them just recently, using the “Family Council” as a way of solving problems (as taught by Nicholeen) was so helpful to me in working with the grandchildren. Thanks, Nicholeen!”

I loved this comment because it shows that the Teaching Self-Government communication principles can be used in all circumstances with any family members or friends.  I also find these principles helpful in group settings like teaching church classes or advising scouts or clubs. 

Principles to keep in mind in all settings: