Being Your Child’s Safe Place

It’s currently commonplace to see youth aggressively confronting adults when, not too long ago, that behavior would never have been condoned. And, sadly this aggressive behavior is being misinterpreted as behavior necessary for the emotional safety of the child. If parents want to be the ‘safe place’ for their child, then it’s vital that they …

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Podcast 75 – Does Fairness Matter?

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the topic of fairness and if it really plays a part in healthy, happy development. Is making everything fair important? Do you really know what “fair” means? Listen in for some great tips on how to achieve ultimate fairness in your family. https://tsg-podcasts.s3.amazonaws.com/2021/08+August/TSGPodcast75-DoesFairnessMatter-Aug11-2021.mp3

Podcast 43 – Families VS Factions

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the difference between factions and families and why the family is under attack from factions, whether outside the family unit or from inside the family. Many global unifiers have been influenced by factions from many different groups. How can the family stay close together and not be affected …

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Podcast 41 – Becoming Better at Bonding

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss why bonding is so important to self-government and three key components of improving your bond with those you love and have influence on. Also, what is “bonding,” exactly? Listen in to find out! https://tsg-podcasts.s3.amazonaws.com/2020/November/TSGPodcast41-BecomingBetterAtBonding-Nov30-2020.mp3

Podcast 38 – Cleaning Up Your Problem Solving Skills

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the possible correlation between cleaning the house and developing good problem solving skills. Are they actually related? What would be a reason that they could be? Is it a service or a disservice to do the cleaning for your children? Listen in to figure out the connection! https://tsg-podcasts.s3.amazonaws.com/2020/November/TSGPodcast38-CleaningUpYourProblemSolvingSkills.mp3


A Sign Our Society Needs Self-Government

On a recent plane flight I happened to open the magazine provided for passengers by the airlinein the seat back pocket. In the magazine there was an article titled “Break Room” about these“Anger Rooms” that are starting to pop up around the country.These Anger Rooms are proof of our society’s entitlement mindset. The business is based onthe idea that a person should be allowed to be as aggressive as they want to when they feel anemotion coming on, and not have to follow God’s law of cause and effect.