Podcast 35 – Practice Does Make A Difference! Parenting Difficult Behaviors and Disorders

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss how the way a child is parented does, indeed, affect and influence their behavior, as well as their reaction to specific genetic predispositions and situations. Is there anything you can even do to help your child that has a genetic barrier? Would it even be worth it to …

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Angry little girl

Ah, 3-Year-Olds!

I once heard from a mother who was struggling with her three-year-old. The girl didn’t take “No” answers well, even when they practiced. When she earned a consequence she either wouldn’tdothe chore or would holler if it was the removal of a privilege.If the mother gave her a “No” answer to anything, the girl would flop on the floor and scream. If she didn’t get what she wanted from her siblings, she would yell and hit them.She was a sweet girl, but she was also very strong-willed and determined to get her way.

Mother and daughter arguing

Staying Focused on Correct Parenting Principles

I remember one day talking with a dear friendabout parenting.She told me that for about a monthshe was doing so good with the Teaching Self-Government principles in her home.She said she really saw results whenever she remembered the principles and used them.Then she said that her family went on a trip for a week.On the way home from the trip, she stopped using the Teaching Self-Government principles.She said that for some reason she just went back to her old, inefficient way of running things at home.

Support Call 2-19-16

This call covers:

  • Time flies as your children get older.
  • Teaching my children love instead of toleration.
  • It’s hard to stay consistent, but even more so with HF autism.
  • I know I need to connect with my children, but I don’t want to.
  • You have a section in your book that talks about telling your children about sex. Why are you not in favor of sex ed in schools?

Support Call 3-20-15

This call covers:

  • Doing and inspiring hard things in young children, ALE’s (Altenative Learning Experiences), Shepherding and parenting, and Charlotte Mason training habits
  • 14-month-old throws himself down and bangs his head on things when he can’t explore beyond certain boundaries. What do I do?
  • Questions from kids! Age 8: Why do parents get more privileges than kids? Age 11: I feel like a robot, like I HAVE to say yes to everything they ask me to do. If I say no, I get a consequence. Mom: I struggle with consistency. Any suggestions?
  • How does a good friend of mine correct her youngest child, who is 24 years old, who’s been in and out of jail, etc?