The Kindness Advantage

Choosing kindness strengthens relationships, increases resilience and promotes emotional non-fragility, helps us solve problems, and is a choice that leads to happiness. Many parents tell me that they hope for their child to develop kindness. Indeed, kindness is a characteristic that develops. It’s a word that describes actions that display love or respect for others. …

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Is Critical Race Theory Hurting Our Children?

Chris W. shared this shocking story with me about his experience last week with his son at a California park. “My son and I were playing soccer at a park in the bay area of California. Multiple African American boys came up to my son and started punching him in the head for no reason. …

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2017 Uplift Families Conference

Come join Nicholeen at the 2017 Uplift Families Conference! This event is not hosted by Teaching Self-Government. The 3-fold purpose of “Uplift Families” is to 1. strengthen parent-child relationships 2. provide tools and resources that improve parenting skills 3. help children make safe and healthy choices Uplift Families Vision To promote happiness, prosperity and societal …

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cell phone

Is Giving a Child a Smart Phone Smart? Facts to Consider

The first cellular phone became available to the public in 1984. By 2007 Apple had made the Apple iPhone, which has since taken the cellular phone world by storm. In 23 short years, society went from brick-sized phones to handheld computers. Today, smart phones are everywhere. Even many of the tribal people in Africa now …

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