children and sex

Children, The Sexual Target?

We can’t afford to serve two masters anymore because our children’s hearts and minds are a prize to be won. For years now, society and media have dually honored both animalistic sexual license as well as humanely nurturing the innocence of children and admiring the goodness of God. Unsurprisingly, basic nurturing and some of God’s …

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Solutions for Today’s Teenage Sexual Problems

The other day I was attending a very heated legislative committee meeting in Utah where changes to the way state school teachers teach about sexual health were proposed. I recognized someof the legislators were not acknowledging the real solution to the problems facing teenagers. Debate and public comments on the proposed changes went on for …

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Straight Talk About Sex: Children And Sex

I am pretty sure that just putting the word sex in the title of a blog post will make my blog not show up on a lot of your computers.  If so, that is good.  That means you have a good filter and are trying to keep the children protected from the conspirators in our world who want to enslave us all by destroying all the virtuous thoughts we normally have regarding the opposite gender and the act of marriage. 

Recently I was asked:

Dear Nicholeen,
     I am so impressed by the beautiful work you do as a mother and as an incredible example to families all over the world.  Thank you for the work you do!  I know you’re probably crazy busy, but I would really love to learn more about how you present sex education to your children.  I just read a crazy disturbing article about what’s being taught in schools, and I want to be sure our children are taught about abstinence and the spiritual significance of the sex ordinance within marriage and the sacred nature of heterosexuality and well as the scientific aspects.  It’s wild what teachers think is appropriate to teach Kindergartners and I’m doing research to make sure we’re hitting the right mark.  If you could share your thoughts or send me to a link where you may have already addressed this, that would be awesome.  Thanks to you and your sweet family!

You ask a great question.  The topic of sexuality is a must for parents living in these times.  My views are