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repentant dad

Hope: Facing Toward Self-Government

“I hate that I’ve been mean to my children before,” confessed a father I was speaking to recently. Instead of calmly handling difficult situations, this father had become frustrated a few times and lost his temper with his children. His voice tone and body were humble as he confessed this. He wasn’t making excuses for …

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mom with kids fighting

Surviving Mom’s Worst Day Ever!

When the famed prime minister of England, William Pitt, was asked what made him a great prime minister, he didn’t say his hard work ethic, late night hours, or perseverance. He said, “Patience.” There are many attributes that are useful to parents as they’re raising their children during this often busy world full of attitude …

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3 Ways to Foster Unity in a Contentious World

I participated in a recent demonstration at the United Nations to oppose the sexualization of children by UN agencies. These agencies are supposed to protect children. Right in the middle of my speech, a woman opposed to my views stuck a piece of paper in front of my face. The contentious act by this woman, …

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Falling Dominos

The Law of Cause and Effect is True

“Cause and effect is as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of visible and material things.”

We cannot change cause and effect no matter how hard we try.Bad will always produce bad for someone and good will always produce good for someone.The law of cause and effect is true, even if the someone isn’t the person doing the good or the bad.


How to Reach the Heart of Your Child… and Yourself

Reaching a child’s heart is vital for awakening his conscience and morally training him to desire to make good choices, but structure also has a part to play in training the heart. This is a true story, and a new parenting lesson, of how to help a person understand the truths behind your teachings. Structure …

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Eye to eye

1 Skill To Improve Calmness For The Whole Family

While swimming with my family one day the calmness of our pool experience was interrupted by one very loud, very stressed mother. If only this mother was able to see the hearts of her children and everyone else in the pool area. If she could have taken a moment to do just one simple skill …

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Life Advice With Self-Government Principles: Teaching Self-Government to Anyone, Not Just Children

My friend Jason Alba sent me this link to a great article about inspiring self-government in people in your community or sphere of influence. 

“…I hope you will discipline yourselves and your fellow students. This request is in keeping with my commitment to self-government for students. It should not be up to me to enforce proper behavior that signifies the intelligence of Duke students. You should do it. Reprove those who make us all look bad. Shape up your own language…”  -Duke President Terry Sanford

The whole thing is really worth reading.  I hope you take the chance. 

Coach Sanford did some great things here.  He