Clara sitting calmly on stairs

Self-Regulation Skills for All Ages —Even Toddlers!

by Nicholeen Peck As parents, my husband and I hope that our children will succeed as parents. My daughter, Paije, has exceeded my parenting expectations with her little toddler daughter, Clara. The skills that Paije has taught Clara to help her do self-regulation and self-calming are good skills for 21-month-olds, however, these self-government skills that …

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Podcast 124 – Meet the Mentors: Bryony Wilde “The Three C’s of Successful Parenting”

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije begin a new mini series! Teaching Self-Government has so many amazing certified mentors and we wanted you to get to know them and learn from them. “Meet the Mentors” introduces Bryony Wilde, who shares about her experiences with families all over the globe and shares three key principles for successful parenting, no matter where you fall on the success scale. Listen in to learn from Bryony!

Podcast 114 – The Recipe For Helping Children Calm Down

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the eight steps for helping children get and stay calm. Are you struggling to put all of the pieces together and keep them straight? Follow our recipe for help and success!

Great Homeschool Convention – St. Charles, Missouri

(This event is not hosted by TSG. Nicholeen will be a featured speaker.) An “Individual” or “Family” registration to the 2023 Missouri Great Homeschool Convention includes access to info-packed workshops, admission to browse & shop the HUGE homeschool curriculum exhibit hall, exclusive hotel discounts, admission to the Teen Track (for both teens and parents!) and admission to Comedy Night with …

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Being Your Child’s Safe Place

It’s currently commonplace to see youth aggressively confronting adults when, not too long ago, that behavior would never have been condoned. And, sadly this aggressive behavior is being misinterpreted as behavior necessary for the emotional safety of the child. If parents want to be the ‘safe place’ for their child, then it’s vital that they …

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Podcast 106 – Tolerances

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss tolerances in a new light. Is it possible to be understanding and calm while still keeping tolerances low? The answer is yes! Listen in for some guidance and some great tips!

Education Empowerment Conference

(This event is not hosted by TSG. Nicholeen Peck will be a Keynote Speaker.) Be Inspired by Expert Speakers The Education Empowerment Conference includes keynotes and breakout sessions for parents. Our speakers are education experts, thought leaders, and motivators—hand-picked to transform the way you think about your kids’ education. Stay tuned as we add more …

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Podcast 97 – What To Do When They Won’t Go To Bed

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije (and Clara!) discuss what to do to make bedtime a smooth success. Do your littles put up a fight about going to bed? Do your older children simply disregard bedtime altogether to do their own thing? Listen in for skills and insights to transform your messy bedtime!

One Easy Way To Increase Emotional Maturity In Children

Sadly, teaching strategies for proper social and emotional health are often unorganized and conflicting. Parents are left feeling like they need to choose between teaching children to have self-control and teaching children to be emotionally heard. These choices seem like opposites to most people. But, to a person who has true emotional intelligence, both of …

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What Breaks Relationships And How To Fix Them

Relationships require selfless service to survive. Although there are multiple reasons people site for their relationship dysfunctions, from infidelity to arguments, relationship problems usually all have two things in common: dishonesty and selfishness. According to The Institute For Family Studies, the leading causes of divorce are: infidelity, incompatibility, drinking or drug use, growing apart, a …

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Choosing Calmness Amidst All the Stress

Why do we cater to our stresses and forget to choose calmness? After all, calmness is the only state where we truly feel safe and empowered. Stress, anger, and frustration never lead to true empowerment or peace, only emotional bondage. In 1998, when I was the young mother of a small baby and a toddler,and …

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“Choose Not to Be Harmed”

One day my father told me something so profound that it literally changed my social life and my personal empowerment forever. After I finished telling him about how another child at school had been mean to me, he said, “Nicholeen, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” I’m guessing …

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Cost: $0 Schedule 8:30 a.m. Registration 9:00 a.m. 4 Skills for Relationship Success: This class will talk about how to teach children self-mastery of their behaviors and emotions in order to free them from emotional bondage. It will focus on 4 self-government skills that parents and children can use to stop troublesome behaviors before they …

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