Parents Want To Rescue Their Youth From Confusion

Nearly every day parents ask me how to help their “wayward young adult” or how to heal the heart of their “disconnected teen.” Children displaying unnatural affection by disconnecting from loving parents is an epidemic in our modern society. Normal human development involves increasingly seeking for autonomy as a person launches into adulthood. However, turning …

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Being Your Child’s Safe Place

It’s currently commonplace to see youth aggressively confronting adults when, not too long ago, that behavior would never have been condoned. And, sadly this aggressive behavior is being misinterpreted as behavior necessary for the emotional safety of the child. If parents want to be the ‘safe place’ for their child, then it’s vital that they …

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Podcast 97 – What To Do When They Won’t Go To Bed

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije (and Clara!) discuss what to do to make bedtime a smooth success. Do your littles put up a fight about going to bed? Do your older children simply disregard bedtime altogether to do their own thing? Listen in for skills and insights to transform your messy bedtime!

Podcast 31 – Teaching Children Good Social Skills

In this podcast, Nicholeen and Paije discuss the need for good, more refined social skills, in today’s adults and teens. Is it possible to be deliberate about teaching and obtaining good social skills? Do we even know what good social skills are? What goes into the development and becomes a detriment to them? Nicholeen and Paije share a healthy list of what goes into developing good social skills, especially in these times.

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The Times We Live In Part 2

“My husband works at a jail and just a few weeks ago a man we both know from school and church was brought in on sexual charges. His niece was supposedly the victim. Both of us were very surprised, as we wouldn’t have expected him of doing such a thing. Whether he is guilty or not, we will probably never know.However, after discussing it, we both thought that not only is it important to try to protect our children from this type of thing, we also need to take steps to protect OURSELVES and our own reputations.”