It’s Time to Talk1 min read

Technology can be a beautiful thing. It’s great to be able to catch up with people I’ve lost contact with. I love being able to video chat with someone who lives in another country for free. The access you have to worthwhile information never ceases to amaze me. Technology has developed so rapidly in the last decade, though, that I don’t think people realize the long-term consequences of how it’s being used. Parents use it as a babysitter, the younger generations use it to substitute for in-person contact, and families find themselves so caught up in the need to be constantly plugged-in that they forget to connect with each other.

That’s why our favorite quote for today is from Pope Francis, who said it so well: “Get off your screens and actually talk to each other.” No technology can substitute for the love, guidance and connection you can feel when you spend in-person quality time with your family.


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