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"I can understand this, mom! I have a 7 year old who pretty much spent most of his first 5 years in timeout. About 2 years ago, I attended one of Nicholeen’s seminars. We decided to implement the losing of privileges in our family and had a family meeting. We were VERY consistent with this one child that was acting up the most, and today he is one of the most well-behaved! This was no easy task on our part by any means, but it worked. He probably had to lose privileges 15-20 times over the course of a year (yeah, he was a stubborn one) but he doesn’t anymore. And he is always the first to hop and obey when we ask.

BUT… we let a lot slide with the other 4 kids because they weren’t as loud or vocal about it. Another of our kids sounds much like yours with the eye-rolling, complaining, etc. I’ve just been realizing that she’s been manipulating us with that behavior and we need to jump back into the water – we have one success story, now we just have to do it with the rest (which, quite truthfully, shouldn’t be NEARLY as intense as aforementioned son, lol!)"

Very insightful. Nice comment!



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