Obedience -- Inspiring a Change in Behavior | Teaching Self-Government

Obedience -- Inspiring a Change in Behavior

Another idea might be having a family meeting, I teach about those too, and discuss a POSITIVE motivational system for the family if everyone follows instructions the first time asked for a few days.  I have a great idea in my book about Rachel's Bean Magic.  That motivational system my do really well for this because it shows that each good thing has a positive consequence, not just focusing on the bad.

Also, work with your children regularly too.  Teach them the jobs by example.  Sometimes we expect things to be done perfectly when we haven't really taught them how to do the jobs properly, or they have forgotten.  Showing often decreases their anxiety.  Some of the children may not feel secure enough to problem solve some of the tasks.

Last, prep the children for your instructions after they have mastered following instructions.  Say, "Right now I am going to give you an instruction...."  This will help them be prepared to follow all the steps and get it done.