Support Call 3-17-17

This call covers:

  • Little bit about what is spoken of at the United Nations
  • Husband saying and believing two different things about the children.
  • How to replace the spirit of selfishness with the spirit of love.
  • Teaching respect of property to young sons.
sibling rivalry

6 Steps for Making Siblings Friends, Not Foes

One night, after my parents left to go on a date, my brother and I started fighting. I vividly remember the fight getting to the point where both of us were standing on a couch threatening each other with broomsticks. This sad memory changed me. Many times over the years I’ve had that memory return, …

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Support Call 3-03-17

This call covers:

  • Answers to questions and announcements.
  • Specifics on doing corrections in the car.
  • Staying calm and facing power struggles from your children.
  • The difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.
  • Feeling more understood when you disagree appropriately.

Support Call 2-17-17

This call covers:

  • Son is lazy and likes to take the “path of least resistance.”
  • Child refuses to eat what Mom makes for dinner and is very picky.
  • How to handle misbehavior during school hours and keeping younger children quiet during that time.
  • Right triangle and keeping diapers on children.

Truth Be Told…Influence of Family is Astounding!

Even though there’s violence dotting the globe, the largest battle of our day isn’t physical. It’s a war of words. All these words are supposed to lead the listeners to truth. Often the talk feels cheap even though the claim is each new idea, paradigm and argument is the most valuable. Is this word war …

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Support Call 2-10-17

This call covers:

  • How to help young children conrol their behaviors
  • Keeping yourself calm as an adult
  • Processing and dealing with emotions when you’ve been wronged
  • Rage and the Rule of Three
  • Giving instructions to learn (formal learning)

Support Call 2-3-17

This call covers:

  • Support call difficulties explained and discussed
  • How to teach TSG to a child with language and learning barriers
  • Setting up gaming and texting time limits for teenage children
  • How to remind your spouse to stay calm when correcting the children
  • Helping resolve disdain for and unwillingness to do chores

Solutions for Today’s Teenage Sexual Problems

The other day I was attending a very heated legislative committee meeting in Utah where changes to the way state school teachers teach about sexual health were proposed. I recognized someof the legislators were not acknowledging the real solution to the problems facing teenagers. Debate and public comments on the proposed changes went on for …

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Support Call 1-20-17

This call covers:

  • Daughter gets emotional during her mentor meetings. Do we, as the parents, validate or correct those emotions?
  • How to handle crying, whining, talking back, and separated parents.
  • Son has rage episodes and will only calm down for mother. Is that making him dependant?
  • How to use TSG with children that have ODD and anxiety

Support Call 1-06-17

This call covers:

  • Struggling with depression and anxiety and how to overcome it.
  • Dealing with a daughter that has frequent tantrums and is mentally, emotionally, and socially younger than she really is.

Support Call 12-30-16

This call covers:

  • How to deal with a child who “plays dumb”
  • How much family time is the right amount?
  • Training your children socially

Resolutions Are All the Same, and That’s the Way it Should Be!

No matter how many different types of resolutions we choose to write down and work on this coming year, all the items on our lists are actually just one resolution. At first glance this statement may seem like an attempt to simplify resolutions to make successfully accomplishing them easier. But understanding that all resolutions point …

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mother talking to younger children

Stepping Away From What They Believe

It’s hard to see a good family friend or loved one stray from the things you both know and believe. Things inevitably end up changing. The relationships become different and sometimes strained. However, you still want to stay close to them. How is that to be achieved? And, how do you break it to the children without them thinking these good people are not so good?

Support Call 12-16-16

This call covers:

  • Thoughts on being an older mother
  • Shame VS. Guilt (“mini class”)
  • Coming up with better consequences
  • Letting go of negativity
  • Is it a need for attention or just being overwhelmed?

Support Call 12-9-16

This call covers:

  • What we’ve done this Christmas Season and some good Christmas stories and videos to read and watch
  • How to correct a child that overreacts
  • Small son won’t stay in the calm down spot. What’s the process for keeping him there?
  • Noticing bad habits in the children that can be fixed
  • Oldest child turning 18 and difficulties that come with that

Support Call 12-2-16

This call covers:

  • Quieting a talkative Sunday School class of age 12 boys
  • Getting child to look at you during a correction/instruction
  • Living with parents and having the roles of grandparent and parent mixed up a little
  • Little one gets “hangry” and won’t follow through with consequences
  • Using Rule of Three for the first time and child goes out of control during 24-hour period
  • How to change your voice tone for the better

Healing Relationships with Family This Holiday Season

Relationships make or break the holidays. For some, holiday family parties are stressful because of unhealthy relationships. They know attending traditional family gatherings and sending Christmas cards to “loved ones” is important. However, that ball of hurt, frustration and disgust creeps into their throat whenever they think about past relationship problems, making attending family events …

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Support Call 11-11-16

This call covers:

  • Becoming a better parent by not checking out and staying away from electronics more
  • Using the Rule of Three with a raging 7-year-old
  • Confusion on the calm down spot