Support Call 8-4-17

This Call Covers:

  • Helping older children get calm and in control
  • What to do when your child ignores you and other adults
  • Rule of three manipulation

Support Call 6-23-17

This call Covers:

  • How to get your spouse on board with couples meetings
  • Jealous older children. Also, teaching children to love each other
  • Charlotte Mason homeschool philosophy and TSG
  • Is my child really calm
  • Children not coming home on time.

Support Call 6-30-17

This Call Covers:

  • How to deal with children who won’t fess up to doing things/ honesty issues with children
  • Handling reactive children and correcting negative behavior in older children
  • Dealing with hostile workplace situations
  • Keeping calm with emotional children

Can Teenagers Conquer the Culture of Disrespect Alone?

For years I’ve heard adults complain about how disrespectful teenagers are with a tone that suggests the teenagers should fix their problem. I found myself wondering if it was really totally the teenagers’ problem, and if it was possible for teenagers to fix the culture of disrespect all alone. After many years of helping families …

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Listen – Family Activities

Understanding and Improving Family Activities This 43 minute class talks about how to make your family activities more meaningful and how to use them to create a tone shift in your home. Audio Gem: Holiday Traditions This week’s Gem is on remembering the most important thing during the holidays or any time of the year – …

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Listen – Tone

Transformational Tone Elements This one hour class goes into greater detail about creating a safe tone in your family. Your tone makes a difference How changing your tone can change the home.

Support Call 6-16-17

This call Covers:

  • Dealing with defiant children who have a problem with the Rule of Three
  • Pre-Teaching Children with anxiety
  • The importance of familial roles, and how society views them
  • How Roles change in a family
  • Getting Children to calm down when physical force may be neccesarry
  • Dealing with children who refuse to calm down

Support Call 6-9-17

This call covers:

  • preventing judgemental attitudes in children
  • Difference between behavioral differences and immorality
  • Extra chores/Negative Consequences on the road
  • Dietary effects on behavior
  • Teaching Children to Dissagree Appropriately with each other
  • Teaching autistic children TSG
  • Handling children who go out of control once they lose privleges

TSG Support Call 6-2-17

This call covers:

  • What to do when children CHOOSE to lose all privliges
  • What to do if youare abully-style parent
  • How to love your children inspite of yourself
  • Extra chores for super young children
  • Dealing with ODD Children/ODD or just defiance?

Support Call 5-05-17

This call covers:

  • 3-year-old will not do any chores, even after earning them and calming down.
  • Getting teens on board with the new TSG skills when they don’t want to.
  • Feeling like a robot when doing the rule of three and how to make it not as mechanic.
  • Helping children become “humble enough” to listen to parents during the rule of three.
  • Inspiring change in adult children to help them stop power struggling.
stressed mother

From Scattered and Over-Scheduled to Stress-Free: Self-Government for Adults

A friend of mine recently shared her journey “from scattered to scheduled” with me. She said, “I’ve struggled for years to try to conquer my inability to live a scheduled life. I saw people with their fancy planners and knew I needed to make a change, so I started a planner too. Now the problem …

From Scattered and Over-Scheduled to Stress-Free: Self-Government for Adults Read More »

overwhelmed teen boy

Freedom Without Consequences

Is your teenaged child not getting everything done that they need to in the day? Are they slacking off on their duties and assignments? I had a mother present me with a similar situation, concerned about her 16-year-old son and his lack of productivity. She couldn’t quite determine whatwas going on and wanted some advice.

Support Call 4-28-17

This call covers:

  • Asking questions and some scheduling for May.
  • Applying TSG to young children, son with a “loose mouth”, and bedtime in a shared bedroom.
  • Discussing methods for correcting bad language.
  • How to do the Rule of Three with children that need to “do it over.”
  • Contemplating putting oldest son in school for multiple reasons. Is it the best option?
  • Synthetic consequences foreveryone? Parents need Self-Government too…
  • Fixing obnoxious behavior and helping change child’s heart during the Rule of three.

Support Call 4-21-17

This call covers:

  • Setting phone limits for children with smartphones.
  • Young children who hit and bite.
  • Affirmation during a correction.
10 things kids think about

10 Thoughts Children Have That Might Surprise Parents

“He’s not breathing really well, and they tell us he’ll likely die in a day or two…” a mother was explaining to a group of adults about her father-in-law, and her young son’s grandpa. Her son was sitting in an adjacent room with his good friend, but he wasn’t playing as his mother likely thought …

10 Thoughts Children Have That Might Surprise Parents Read More »

Support Call 3-31-17

This call covers:

  • The difference between correction and judgment
  • Pointers on the rule of three
  • Correcting tired children
  • Keeping emotions in control when body chemicals are wacky

Support Call 3-24-17

This call covers:

  • Update on the happenings of this year’s United Nations trip.
  • Couple struggling to agree on what their children should be doing.
  • The difference between the different kinds of “no” answers in life.
  • Finding more about grooming.