Time-Out (for ages 7-8 and younger)

Support Call 8-09-2023

This call covers:

* Major House Rule Broken
* Challenges With The Calm Down Spot
* Porn and Stealing
* Continual Disruptions From 15 Year Old
* Leaving Property Without Consent
* Family Prayer & Scriptures and TSG
* Calming Techniques
* Homeschool Child’s Concentration
* Bad Bedtime Behaviors
* Seizures, Homeschool, and Overwhelm
* Socially Motivated Teen Boy

Clara sitting calmly on stairs

Self-Regulation Skills for All Ages —Even Toddlers!

by Nicholeen Peck As parents, my husband and I hope that our children will succeed as parents. My daughter, Paije, has exceeded my parenting expectations with her little toddler daughter, Clara. The skills that Paije has taught Clara to help her do self-regulation and self-calming are good skills for 21-month-olds, however, these self-government skills that …

Self-Regulation Skills for All Ages —Even Toddlers! Read More »

Support Call 6-21-2023

This call covers:

* Misbehavior While On The Phone
* Summer Schedule
* 24-Hour Loss of Privileges Takes the Whole Day
* Success Story! Age 4 and Disagreeing Appropriately
* No Answers VS. Disagreeing Appropriately
* Teaching Disagreeing Appropriately to Young Children
* Teenage Sibling Bossy When Babysitting
* Husband Not Calm
* Role Playing “No” Answers and Corrections
* Daughter Afraid of Mother When Her Bedroom is Messy
* Age 7 Finds Joy in Blatant Disobedience & Age 10 is Bossy When Playing With Younger Siblings

Support call 2-22-23

This call covers:
Teen Aggression
5 Year Old Language
Boundaries and Consequences with 16 Year Old
13 Year Old Girl
Food Pickiness
3 Year Old Tantrums
Helping 5 Year Old Get Calm and Accept Consequences
Grudge Holding

Support call 9-7-22

This call covers:
Children wanting to get paid for chores.
Family vision question.
Chores while traveling.
Soft hold question.

Support call 9-1-21

This call covers:
Friend versus family time.
Young adult wanting to improve parent child relationship with clear boundaries.
Family vision question.
Daughter wanting eating disorder therapist.
Earning positive consequences.
22 year old feeling to old for school and not knowing how to move on.
Being exhausted with correcting all the time.
Question about time frame for going out of control.
How to teach understanding the times to my kids.
Child not being able to process the rule of three but being to large to physically take to calm down spot.
Children being competitive with each other ( “I’m better then you”).
Motivating children to be ok at school without mom.

Support call 3-3-21

This call covers:
How to handle adult brother visiting
Developing a habit of praise.
Getting calm.
2 year old negative attention seeking.
Children getting off track during study time.
Major maintenance and school management.
Help staying happy.
ODD versus strong willed.

Support call 2-17-21

This call covers:
Boundaries with 4year olds
The sex talk
Disagreeing appropriately with siblings
homeschool schedule
Staying with children at the calm down spot
Adult child influencing other children in a way not wanted
picking teachers for children
helping young child learn to accept “no” without falling apart

Support call 2-9-21

This call covers:
wanting peace
Not following instructions in public
how much school time should my 7 year old be doing a day?
Motivating family to keep things clean
online school and college in high school.
selfish 18 year old son.
sour attitude.

Support call 1-20-21

this call covers:
College prep for kids in high school (homeschool)
sleep independence for 4 year old.
non religious morning cannon and finding truth.
close look at scholar phase.
TJED homeschool help.
becoming a certified mentor.
play time with destructive 2 year old.
Family reading time.
encouraging listening behaviors
what kids to give attention to first when they all want it.
there is not enough time and i think I’m failing.

Support call 1-13-21

This call covers:
Helping children get calm.
Creating set no answers.
Helping children remembering to check back.
Homeschooling methods and fears.
Explaining set no answers (making messes and cleaning them up) to children.
setting boundaries with teens who have boyfriends, and older siblings roles.
husband having anger problems.
Family meeting troubles.
Teaching toddlers TSG.
Building trust with technology.
Helping children recognize emotions V.S feelings.
constantly nagging children.
feeling hopeless about your family.

Support call 12-23-20

This call covers:
TSG for a 4 year old.
Teaching kids to structure time.
Comparing children to their siblings.
Implementing new things.
What to do when a child is obviously out of control.
Should i apologize to my child?
Adult child disconnecting from family.
How to help adult child with TSG.
Husband’s lack of commitment and principles.
Husband not wanting to connect with family.

Support call 12-16-20

This call covers:
calm down time and modified rule of three
angry young children.
twins competing for attentions and boundaries.
child seems calm but is not.
doing school with music.
things to do in winter with Covid.

Support call 12-9-2020

This call covers:
Passive instruction giving.
husband and son arguing.
Daughter lying and sneaking out.
calm down spot escape.
setting good expectations.
good bonding.
Bad attitude about TSG.
knowing when to use the rule of three.

Support call 12-2-20

This call covers:
Speaking through emotion with self government.
Giving your child to much control in your home.
Calm down time.
Follow thought help.
knowing when to trust my kids.
pre teaching in the rule of three.

Support call 11-25-2020

This call covers:
Overcoming lying.
Children deliberately peeing their pants
Using rule of three for whining.
The sex talk.
Stealing candy from siblings.
Son continually peeing himself and he know it.
Trusting kids and media use.

Support Call 6-3-20

This Call Covers:

Calm down time manipulation

Out of control teenagers

Four basic skills refresher

How to stop getting overwhelmed with TSG

Calm down time manipulation

Out of control teenagers

Four basic skills refresher

How to not get overwhelmed with TSG

Avoiding lecturing

Parenting: A House United 2nd Edition

Is your home in crisis? Do your children never do what they are told? Do you find yourself completely overwhelmed and hating to interact with your children? Do your children treat you with disrespect and cause contention at home? Are you out of control of your emotions as a parent too? If any of these descriptions sound like your house, then you might be in crisis and you will definitely benefit from reading this book. It is written for you. This book is also written for people who don‘t want to ever have a home like I have described above and for parents who want to have an effectively communicating family right from the very beginning of parenthood.

Support Call 3-18-20

This Call Covers:

Self government in a time of crisis

Siblings being silly

Calm down spot advice

Helping parents learn about your self government journey

Autism and being corrected by others

Support Call 3-4-20

This Call Covers:

Helping young children who are afraid at night

Children who call people names

Helping children when they are being watched by someone else pt. 2

Small children who habitually power struggle