SODAS: Problem Solving Exercises

Support Call 7-19-2023

This call covers:

* Trauma
* Toddler Accepting a No Answer
* Family Travel Contention
* SODAS Solution: Debrief/Notes
* Screaming
* Handling Rough Teachers/Instructors
* Arguments
* Corrections Clarification
* Rule of 3 for Children Younger Than Age 7
* Toddler Physical Aggression
* Morning Routine Disobedience

Support Call 7-12-2023

This call covers:

* Breaking A Bad Habit
* SODAS Taking Forever
* Confusion with Praise
* Help with No Answers
* Writing Dilemma
* Doubts with Sending Young Men to College
* Synthetic Consequences and Time Management

Support Call 5-31-2023

This call covers:

* Some Wins and Gratitude
* Silly Boys In The Evenings
* OCD and TSG
* Potty Training Regression
* Desperate For Help
* Corrections
* Son Being Teachable
* Teen Locks Self In Room When Getting No Answer
* Biting And Other Hurtful Behavior
* Potty Training
* School in the Summer
* Using Bedroom to Get Calm
* Teaching Appearance and Manners
* College Transition with Anxiety
* Saying, “I love you”

Support Call 5-03-2023

This call covers:

* Socializing Skills
* Six Years Old Girl And Private Parts
* 23 Month Old And the Power of Calm
* Scheduling Academics
* 13-Year-Old Son Issues
* Correction Length
* Toddler Throwing Things
* Chaos with spouse while implementing program
* Multiple Children And Staying Calm
* Teen Loneliness
* Son Working Full Time in Summer
* 11 Year Old Girl Struggling After School

Support call 11-23-22

Modified rule of three.
Having high tolerances.
Son wanting father.
Children avoiding tasks.
Sibling banter.

7 Tips For Reducing Stress and Anxiety In Children

Families are concerned about their children who are struggling with stress and anxiety. Why are stress and anxiety so prevalent nowadays, and what can families do to help in loving ways? Understanding Stress and Anxiety Stress and anxiety are real feelings that many children suffer with daily. According to Georgetown University Health Policy Institute Center …

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Support call 3-2-22

This call covers:
Daughter pouting for attention.
Inuit parenting approach.
Feeling like you need to “break” you child of something, like a habit.
6 year old with autism.
How do I get calm going through hard days?
Child being out of control for 3+ weeks.
Balancing family participation and allowing children to seclude themselves.
Things getting broken while children are out of control.
Child disregarding rules about electronics in room.

Support call 2-2-2022

This call covers:
Knowing what goes inside the brain.
Scheduling time not content in homeschool.
Feeling like all you will no is correcting.
Daughters friend is bugged that she is always talking to another friend while they are hanging out.
Son doesn’t want to listen to the “robotic parenting program”
Parent constantly being in fight or flight.
Taking things personally.

Support call 12-22-21

This call covers:
Setting boundaries with son that has a pornography problem.
Online gaming addiction.
Where extra chores come from.
Child justifying behavior because she is the middle child.
Autistic child taking a long time to accept his 24 hour loss of privilege’s.
More then one child not following instructions at the same time.
daughter experimenting with being gay and I feel powerless.
Rule of three question.

Support call 12-15-21

This call covers:
No one will confess to missing money.
Modifying the rule of three for a six year old.
How to teach integrity to my kids that are in college.
how to keep boundaries with adult children.
Child being the biggest and hurting other children.
Needing to refocus to be company in other’s houses for Christmas.

Support call 6-30-21

This call covers:
Structuring you summer.
Classic books that are about lying/honestly
Consequences for hitting siblings.
Thoughts on potty training.
Encouraging child with SODAS.
Manipulative son changing subject when correcting.
Adult child’s beliefs are different from the rest of the family.
Children all needing mom at the same time and not using their words.
Ideas for mommy daughter time and refining language.

Support call 6-16-21

This call covers:
Advise for a child that seems to be choosing the opposite of what was taught.
Earning back privilege’s.
Help with step children.
Reinforcing no privilege’s during rule of three.
Child making plans with friend without talking to parent.
Video game time.
One child keeps her side of the room super dirty.
Helping child have a change of heart.
Bedtime for different ages.
Negative attention seeking in car.
Watching too much TV.
Child refusing to chare her work.

Support call 4-14-21

This call covers:
Sneaking out and rebellious behavior.
Homeschool help and seeking inspiration.
Reading advise.
5 year old keeps going out of control.

Support call 3-10-21

This call convers:
Finding values without religion.
toys and play boundaries.
what young men need socially.
keeping yourself calm.

Support call 2-17-21

This call covers:
Boundaries with 4year olds
The sex talk
Disagreeing appropriately with siblings
homeschool schedule
Staying with children at the calm down spot
Adult child influencing other children in a way not wanted
picking teachers for children
helping young child learn to accept “no” without falling apart

Support call 2-2-21

This call covers:
Book lists.
Helping 2 year old stay clam.
Having a comfort object in calm down time.
bottling emotions. Does TSG cause this?
SODAS as a consequence.
Tantrums at the store.
Being in the room while children go to bed.
Helping children choose self control.
Homeschool vs. public school.
Helping children see the good of SODAS.
Teens getting a job.
Timing of disagree appropriately.
Relationships with children getting worse after TSG.
Helping kids become better workers.
understood instruction so speak a certain language for the day.

Support call 11-25-2020

This call covers:
Overcoming lying.
Children deliberately peeing their pants
Using rule of three for whining.
The sex talk.
Stealing candy from siblings.
Son continually peeing himself and he know it.
Trusting kids and media use.

Support call 11-17-2020

This call covers:
Husband and wife relation ship and TSG.
13 your old son doesn’t want to go to activities.
16 year old daughter appears to accept out rules but then steals phone after hours.
teaching children about roles.
Improving sibling relationships.

Support Call 8-26-20

This Call Covers:
Helping children keep a calm voice, face, and body
Older children who are bullies
The Rule of Three
Reinvigorating your TSG efforts

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