Sibling Interactions


10 Lessons for Listening With Love

Much emotional agony is avoided and more relationship healing is possible when a person learns to listen with love. There were two similar conversations that had very different results. The first conversation was between a mother and her son. The son told his mother about a problem he was having with a friend, but she …

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Support Call 12-11-19

This Call Covers:

Spouses who are onboard with TSG, but the Implementation Course is too long

Consistency struggles as a parent

Getting a family adjusted to a new TSG system

Helping an emotionally manipulative child

Support Call 11-27-19

This Call Covers:

Helping parents set acceptable tolerance levels with their children

Is the Peck family really all that bad?

Helping parents figure out acceptable major maintenances

Support Call 10-2-19

This Call Covers:

Correcting children who won’t claim responsibility

Helping a child who has been out of control for weeks

Children who complain a lot

When to pressure children

Support Call 9-25-19

This Call Covers:

Teaching children about modesty and public boundaries

Preventing sneaking onto devices and sneaking out

Helping children who are destructive

Children who call others names

Support Call 9-18-19

This Call Covers:

In detail explanation of he rule of three

Children who say really alarming things

Helping children to adjust to a divorce

Young children and stress

Support Call 7-24-19

This Call Covers:

Kids who won’t go to bed on their own/Bedtime behaviors

Helping older children calm down.

Young children with lots of energy

Support Call 7-10-19

This Call Covers:

Handling multiple out of control children

Correcting children in the car

Helping siblings that don’t get along

Stopping interupting

Support Call 6-26-19

This Call Covers:

Dishonest Children

Anxiety in small children

Self-image and Self-worth struggles in teenagers

Support Call 5-24-19

This Call Covers:

Teaching proper emotional expression to children

Four basic skills instruction

Rule of three for strong willed children

Support Call 5-17-19

This Call Covers:

Single parents rasing children

Making a mission statement with a spouse who doesn’t agree

Giving chores to a child who is emotionally volitile

TSG with independent children

Summer activities in hot climates

Support Call 5-3-19

This Call Covers:

Preventing excessive consequences

Going out of instructional control during the 24 hour loss of privliges

Teaching children to play independently

Children who don’t like praise

Bedtime restlessness

Helping children who are hoarders

Teaching positivity to younger children

Support Call 4-5-19

This Call Covers:

Using stories to teach the four basic skills

Teaching boundaries

Navigating difficult social circles

Helping a child with Reactve Attachment Disorder

Support Call 3-21-19

This Call Covers:

Leaving children on their own

Talking about sex with children

Helping children with their chores.


A Whole Selfish Family

A week ago, I was standing in the kitchen canning peaches, and my whole family atmosphere fell apart all around me in a matter of five minutes. 

My son was asked by his father to help with something in the back yard.  My son didn’t want to do it, so he decided to have an attitude problem about it.  My husband was stressed, and chose to get upset, instead of teach to the situation correctly.  (We all have our moments of weakness from time to time.) 

My daughter was supposed to be cleaning her room, and was playing her piano instead.  She had lost focus.  (She is ten, this happens sometime

Support Call 2-22-19

This Call Covers:

Teaching children with developmental challenges

Raising children up to the Lord

Encouraging proper mental development during puberty

Helping husbands stay on board with TSG

Stopping negative attention seeking.

Support Call 2-15-19

This Call Covers:

Helping silly children who “take it too far”

Creating a Family Vision in hard times