Support Call 7-19-2023

This call covers:

* Trauma
* Toddler Accepting a No Answer
* Family Travel Contention
* SODAS Solution: Debrief/Notes
* Screaming
* Handling Rough Teachers/Instructors
* Arguments
* Corrections Clarification
* Rule of 3 for Children Younger Than Age 7
* Toddler Physical Aggression
* Morning Routine Disobedience

Clara sitting calmly on stairs

Self-Regulation Skills for All Ages —Even Toddlers!

by Nicholeen Peck As parents, my husband and I hope that our children will succeed as parents. My daughter, Paije, has exceeded my parenting expectations with her little toddler daughter, Clara. The skills that Paije has taught Clara to help her do self-regulation and self-calming are good skills for 21-month-olds, however, these self-government skills that …

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Support Call 5-31-2023

This call covers:

* Some Wins and Gratitude
* Silly Boys In The Evenings
* OCD and TSG
* Potty Training Regression
* Desperate For Help
* Corrections
* Son Being Teachable
* Teen Locks Self In Room When Getting No Answer
* Biting And Other Hurtful Behavior
* Potty Training
* School in the Summer
* Using Bedroom to Get Calm
* Teaching Appearance and Manners
* College Transition with Anxiety
* Saying, “I love you”

7 Tips For Reducing Stress and Anxiety In Children

Families are concerned about their children who are struggling with stress and anxiety. Why are stress and anxiety so prevalent nowadays, and what can families do to help in loving ways? Understanding Stress and Anxiety Stress and anxiety are real feelings that many children suffer with daily. According to Georgetown University Health Policy Institute Center …

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Support call 9-1-21

This call covers:
Friend versus family time.
Young adult wanting to improve parent child relationship with clear boundaries.
Family vision question.
Daughter wanting eating disorder therapist.
Earning positive consequences.
22 year old feeling to old for school and not knowing how to move on.
Being exhausted with correcting all the time.
Question about time frame for going out of control.
How to teach understanding the times to my kids.
Child not being able to process the rule of three but being to large to physically take to calm down spot.
Children being competitive with each other ( “I’m better then you”).
Motivating children to be ok at school without mom.

Support Call 9-30-20

This Call Covers:
Help for parents who are feeling overwhelmed
Starting TSG with “hard” teenagers
Punishment vs. Correction for children with disabilities
Following the TSG scripts
Extra chores for children who won’t do them
Helping older children with friend problems and proper boundaries

Giving Your Family A Reason to Care About Family

Shut down doesn’t have to feel like shut down! Due to current restrictions caused by COVID-19, many families aren’t traveling as much as they normally do this time of year. Even local activities in many areas are still difficult to enjoy because of closures. But, that doesn’t mean we should stop having fun as a …

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Parenting: A House United 2nd Edition

Is your home in crisis? Do your children never do what they are told? Do you find yourself completely overwhelmed and hating to interact with your children? Do your children treat you with disrespect and cause contention at home? Are you out of control of your emotions as a parent too? If any of these descriptions sound like your house, then you might be in crisis and you will definitely benefit from reading this book. It is written for you. This book is also written for people who don‘t want to ever have a home like I have described above and for parents who want to have an effectively communicating family right from the very beginning of parenthood.

Support Call 9-4-19

This Call Covers:

Keeping the family motivated and productive throughout the school year

Developmental changes in teenagers and how to prevent selfishness

Potty training multiple children at once

Support Call 8-8-2019

This call covers:

Foster/adopted children having the capacity to get calm?

Sneaking snacks and food.

Positive consequence system.

Wandering off when out of control.

Pushback to disagreeing appropriately.

Support Call 7-31-19

This Call Covers:

Manipulation from younger children and how to stop it

Controlling a completely out of control child

Helping a child who is constantly going through the Rule of 3

Parenting a compulsively defiant child

Support Call 7-24-19

This Call Covers:

Kids who won’t go to bed on their own/Bedtime behaviors

Helping older children calm down.

Young children with lots of energy

Support Call 6-20-19

This Call Covers:

Anxious children and extra chores

Maintaining a calm and loving tone even hard situations

charitable parenting

Charitable Parenting

Even though the mistakes our children make are glaring us in the face, we also know that each of our children has certain attributes that make them wonderful, individual, and precious to us. Charitable parents focus more on those good, productive attributes than on the negative mistakes their children make daily. Each week I answer …

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How to Help Kids Enjoy Doing Work!

It’s all too common in many modern households to hear sighs, grumbling, complaining and whining from children when parents give reminders of daily work responsibilities, or when additional work assignments are given to children. But, before we think this is the way children have always felt about doing work or that everyone should feel work …

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Support Call 8-24-18

This Call Covers:

  • Dealing with custody-related parenting problems
  • Rule of three and young children
  • Preventing parental manipulation of children
  • Does TSG make kids worse?

Support Call 8-10-18

This Call Covers:

  • Children peeing on their floor
  • Having love for your children while correcting them.
  • fixing irritable behavior
  • Helping adult children accept role

Support Call 7-13-18

This Call Covers:

  • Correcting not dropping the subject
  • Bedtime emotional manipulation
  • Calming down for the rule of three
  • Disagreeing appropriately
  • Staying calm during the rule of three
  • Calming a child down during a correction

Support Call 6-29-18

This Call Covers:
  • Stoping stealing at home
  • Stopping defiant behavior in teenagers
  • Getting a non-motivated husband on board

Support Call 6-1-18

This Call Covers:

  • Slowly implementing TSG
  • Stoping Back-talking/implementing the Rule of Three