Out of Instructional Control

Support Call 7-19-2023

This call covers:

* Trauma
* Toddler Accepting a No Answer
* Family Travel Contention
* SODAS Solution: Debrief/Notes
* Screaming
* Handling Rough Teachers/Instructors
* Arguments
* Corrections Clarification
* Rule of 3 for Children Younger Than Age 7
* Toddler Physical Aggression
* Morning Routine Disobedience

Support Call 5-24-2023

This call covers:

* Starting With Senior In High School
* Sisters Relationship and Marriage Balance
* Corrections
* Connection With Teen In Car
* Dishonesty
* Skill: Following Instructions
* Rule of 3 With Older Youth
* 3 Year Old Tantrums
* Self-Reporting
* Homeschool
* Toddlers
* Power Struggling with Corrections
* Withdrawing Privileges
* Narcissistic Teen Girl
* Family Canon

Today’s Complexity Demands More Simplicity

by Nicholeen Peck “It’s harder for children nowadays with all of the technology and temptations and bad examples”, a mother said to me at a recent conference where I was speaking. We talked for a moment about the differences between her childhood and the childhood of her children. She was concerned. She felt lost and …

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Support Call 3-15-2023

This call covers:

Calming Down a 6 Year Old
Daughter Thinks TSG Doesn’t Let Her Have Control
Teen son not learning the lesson from corrections and extra chore
Teen At Risk
Messy bedroom and constantly out of instructional control
Love of Learning
Problems At School
Children feel mother’s cleanliness standards are too high
Teen sneaking cell phone into the house
17-year-old daughter is always late to work and boss is enabling behavior
Success story: pre-teaching Rule of Three
Using TSG in a homeschool co-op group

Support call 2-22-23

This call covers:
Teen Aggression
5 Year Old Language
Boundaries and Consequences with 16 Year Old
13 Year Old Girl
Food Pickiness
3 Year Old Tantrums
Helping 5 Year Old Get Calm and Accept Consequences
Grudge Holding

Support call 2-8-23

This call covers:
Kids Disrupting Class
Opposition to reading out loud and most things
Large Family Evening Routine
Books for Kids based on age and learner phase
Reaching the heart of my daughter
Parental Alienation
Manipulation I think?

Support call 1-18-23

This call covers:
16 Year Old Noncompliance
Not Feeling Safe
Continuation of 6 Year Old Going Back To School Question From Last Week
Make Amends

Support call 1-4-23

This call covers:
My Nine-Year-Old Daughter Resists Using The Skills:
15 Year Old Daughter Phone Etiquette:
Loss of Privileges for 24 Hours:
Every Single Day Do A Family Canon?
Not wanting to control my adult child
Activities that don’t involve screens.
Screen time.

Support call 11-30-22

This call covers:
Son not recognizing his choices have consequences.
husband psychologically abusing wife in front of children.
Daughter steeling phone and not giving back for hours.
Tone question.

Support call 11-23-22

Modified rule of three.
Having high tolerances.
Son wanting father.
Children avoiding tasks.
Sibling banter.

Support call 10-26-22

This call covers:
Tone issues.
Child always seeking the next thrill.
ADHD question.
Maintaining influence in adult children’s lives.
calmness and earning chores.
Helping children resolve anger.
Restitution question.

Support call10-19-22

This call covers:
being strong when children are stronger.
two children ganging up on younger one.
son not trusting me to tell me things.
How long to read to children.
Taking children to therapy.

Support call 10-12-22

This call covers:
Child not trying to get back in control.
Low tolerances.
Major maintenance question.
Family members blaming you.

Support call 10-5-22

This call covers:
Children not wanting to put forth effort.
One child disrupting an entire class.
Helping children like family work.
Rule of three question.
Openly communicating with teens.
Weaning son of video games.
Daughter being sexually groomed.

Support call 9-28-22

This call covers:
Encouraging kids to get their work done.
Engaging and challenging a 6 yeah old with ADHD.
Family activities with only one child at home.
Children wanting to play at other homes.
Oldest child bossing other children around.
Children not wanting to participate with other “weird” children.
Focusing on TSG for two week.
Teens who need attention and validation.
8 year old not wanting to control his emotions.
Role of emotion.
Increasing attention span.
staying calm while others are attention seeking.

Support call 9-7-22

This call covers:
Children wanting to get paid for chores.
Family vision question.
Chores while traveling.
Soft hold question.

Support call 8-24-22

This call covers:
Religious and Educational goals.
Thumb sucking.
Making children go to church.
Out of control 4 year-olds.
Messy rooms.

Support call 8-17-22

This call covers:
Loss of privilege’s question
Fitting needed things into family lifestyle.
Letting kids pick activities.
Child being picky about clothing.
Daily routine.
Disagreeing appropriately question.

Support call 8-10-22

This call covers:
Helicopter parenting.
Rule of three question.
Children not paying attention during school time.
Homeschool co-op.
Child not wanting to lose teeth.
Child hating calm down spot.
Friends not wanting to hang out anymore.
Children not being calm while doing extra chores.

Support call 7-27-22

This call covers:
Rule of three question.
Piano practice question.
Medication question.
Rule of three and restitution.
Manipulation question.