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Support Call 6-17-16

This call covers:

  • Summer tip! Helping family relationships stay strong with friends in the picture more. 
  • My 8-year-old daughter has a friend who will invite her to play, then leave her and go play with other people without warning. Ideas?
  • 13-year-old son will NOT talk about the topic of changing schools. He immediately gets angry and refuses to discuss it. What do I do?
  • (This call had some technical difficulties on the second question. We apologize. Please read the notes for more on it.)

Support Call 4-29-16

This call covers:

  • Helping husband with his tone.
  • Son is having trouble keeping his thoughts away from other men.
  • Follow-up with age 5 son who hits, bites, and kicks. 
  • Husband not on board and son is addicted to electronics and is physical. 

Support Call 1-29-16

This call covers:

  • Dad and children are constantly teasing each other and husband can't take criticism. It's creating lots of problems.
  • Husband and 15-year-old son are addicted to media, mostly the son. Video games have made him a different child. 
  • When it's okay and not okay to compare with your children.

Support Call 11-27-15

This call covers:

  • HUGE deals for this weekend! Get TSG merchandise and classes for great deals and get gifts for others!
  • Black Friday and Kenya update/"discussion"
  • My 9-year-old has put only expensive things on his Christmas list that I don't want him to have. How do I deal with that?
  • I don't really like family gatherings because my extended family judges how we parent. I'm sure they think we're "uptight. What do I do?
  • How do I stop kids from becoming spoiled and entitled at Christmas, especially with blended families where lots of gifts are given?
  • My age 6 son broke something at my sister-in-law's while we were there for Thanksgiving. This seems to happen a lot. I feel like this affects our extended family relationships. What can I do to keep those relatioships in tact?

Support Call 5-22-15

This call covers:

  • My age 17 daughter is having too much online social time and isn't spending time with the family when she is home. How can I help her?
  • When my son was younger, he threw something at me that required me to go to the hospital. Sometimes, when his siblings are mad at him, they'll bring up the incident and tell him "what a bad person" he is. How do I help him through this?
  • My age 14 son has struggled with an almost daily masturbation addiction. We've gone to the bishop and made goals, but he keeps falling back into old habits. What do we do to help him overcome this issue?