Marriage Relationship

Support Call 7-19-2023

This call covers:

* Trauma
* Toddler Accepting a No Answer
* Family Travel Contention
* SODAS Solution: Debrief/Notes
* Screaming
* Handling Rough Teachers/Instructors
* Arguments
* Corrections Clarification
* Rule of 3 for Children Younger Than Age 7
* Toddler Physical Aggression
* Morning Routine Disobedience

Support Call 6-28-2023

This call covers:

* Whining Requests
* Interrupting
* Self Correction
* Daughter’s Relationships
* Professional Counseling
* Finding Internal Peace
* Cars for Teens
* Self-Government Vs Punishment
* Success Story!

UN Global Day of Parents Is June 1st! — Why?

by Nicholeen Peck   Let’s Celebrate! June 1st, the Global Day of Parents, is dedicated to celebrating the impact that parents have on raising children. Not only is a parent required for the biological creation of a child, but parents are vital to the social, moral, emotional, and academic formation of the child as well. …

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Support Call 5-03-2023

This call covers:

* Socializing Skills
* Six Years Old Girl And Private Parts
* 23 Month Old And the Power of Calm
* Scheduling Academics
* 13-Year-Old Son Issues
* Correction Length
* Toddler Throwing Things
* Chaos with spouse while implementing program
* Multiple Children And Staying Calm
* Teen Loneliness
* Son Working Full Time in Summer
* 11 Year Old Girl Struggling After School

Support call 1-25-23

This call covers:
A Husband’s Question
Blame and Gossiping
Physical Fights
Out Of Instructional Control
Teenage Daughter First Date
K-12 Basics In Four Years
Carelessness and Getting Distracted
Lazy Learners
stuck in the workbooks of homeschool

Support call 1-11-23

This call covers:
Running After Children and Keeping Calm After A Fight and Toys
Going Back To School
Lying Husband
Accepting No Answers And Setting Boundaries
17 year Old Son
Book Club
helping baby’s accept no answers
assisting self discovery.

Support call 12-7-22

This call covers
I will break the cycle
Husband Lectures
Accepting no as a parent.
Earning vs providing extra curricular’s
Daughter in New Age Organization
Young boys searching things they shouldn’t on google.
Children parenting siblings.

Support call 11-30-22

This call covers:
Son not recognizing his choices have consequences.
husband psychologically abusing wife in front of children.
Daughter steeling phone and not giving back for hours.
Tone question.

10 Habits For Building Better Family Bonds

One of the most difficult parts of modern parenting is maintaining strong bonds with family members. We are not only busy, but have lots of distractions and ideologies that are tearing our family relationships apart right before our eyes. No matter the ages of your children, it’s never too early nor too late to build powerful bonding habits. In fact, building good bonding habits could be the very thing that gives your family the strength to be impenetrable during these difficult times.

Join Nicholeen for a 3 hour event that can change hearts and lives in your family!

Support call 9-14-22

This call covers:
Children feeling like they do more work then other children.
Husband hiding addictions.
Not knowing what child did what.
TSG for teens with ODD.
Child going to the bathroom for cleaning time.
Child spending super long in bathroom.

Support call 6-22-22

This call covers:
Kids not wanting to take naps.
Toxic diverse situation.
Dating age boundaries.
Love of learning curriculum.
Implementing TSG.

Supperot call 1-5-22

This call covers:
Helping children to do their chores without being asked.
Child consistently negative attention seeking in the mornings.
When a child earns an extra chore but but they are not able to do it right then.
blended family bonding.
Fear of flying.

Support call 7-28-21

This call covers:
Concerned about being harmed by foster children.
Earning privilege’s back.
Being passive aggressive toward husband.
kids having free time while mom does chores.
How to implement Self government with a toddler that we are taking custody of.
Feeling like a servant to your Childs demands.
Accepting a no for life no answers.
Daily schedule.
What to do when no-one knows who did it.

What Breaks Relationships And How To Fix Them

Relationships require selfless service to survive. Although there are multiple reasons people site for their relationship dysfunctions, from infidelity to arguments, relationship problems usually all have two things in common: dishonesty and selfishness. According to The Institute For Family Studies, the leading causes of divorce are: infidelity, incompatibility, drinking or drug use, growing apart, a …

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Support call 11-10-2020

This call covers:
Leading children away from being gay.
not always saying “I need you to” when giving an instruction.
Helping children to process having a gay sibling.
Making mentor meetings more fun.

Support Call 9-17-20

This Call Covers:
Being an introverted parent with very energetic children
Helping teenagers learn respect
Helping children not masturbate at a young age
Differentiating between family ties and need to agree with others
Verbal abuse among siblings
Creating proper tone and boundaries with a spouse

Support Call 4-15-20

This Call Covers:

Getting back on track with TSG

Feedback on SODAS

Combining TSG and Charlotte Mason

Doing chores and consequences