Where Love Is…

Love runs deeper than many people realize, and the outcomes of love are significant. We all recognize when we don’t feel loved or when we have a hard time feeling love for someone who isn’t behaving lovingly. But, what we don’t often recognize is that love isn’t something that can be turned on and off …

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Support call 6-1-22

This call covers:
Question about manipulation and rule if three.
Explaining the difference between mother and father roles as a single mom.
Getting two different stories about what happened.
Using TSG with older children.

Obedience To Parents Changes Hearts

As part of learning cause and effect and growing into healthy adulthood, most children occasionally test boundaries by willfully choosing disobedience or even rebelling against parents. While taking risks and being a little bit rebellious here and there are usually healthy signs of normal development toward adulthood, obedience is required for wisdom and learning, too. …

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Support call 6-30-21

This call covers:
Structuring you summer.
Classic books that are about lying/honestly
Consequences for hitting siblings.
Thoughts on potty training.
Encouraging child with SODAS.
Manipulative son changing subject when correcting.
Adult child’s beliefs are different from the rest of the family.
Children all needing mom at the same time and not using their words.
Ideas for mommy daughter time and refining language.

Stand Out & Speak Up – Self-Government Principles For Our Day! (Curriculum)

Parents and school administrators have requested that I make a short, free curriculum that parents can use to help their children navigate some of the social issues children are often forced to encounter at young ages. This curriculum is basic but deep, and it’s a principle-based lesson plan to help parents prepare their children to …

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Support call 6-2-21

This call covers:
Building trust with a child that lies.
managing expectations.
picky eaters.
husband turning the TV on every night after work.
being more assertive in correcting.
helping child understand why calmness in important.
instructions during car rides.
siblings correcting each other.
son expressing concern about his tutor not being calm.

Support call 5-26-21

This call covers:
How to improve family relationships.
not having a manly/cool laugh.
“going off course”
feeling burnt out with homeschool.
boundaries at an ex-husbands house.
children wanting to do things with friends but i don’t trust them.
praising help.
keeping children focused during family work time.
child bossing parent around.
setting boundaries with other adults.

What Breaks Relationships And How To Fix Them

Relationships require selfless service to survive. Although there are multiple reasons people site for their relationship dysfunctions, from infidelity to arguments, relationship problems usually all have two things in common: dishonesty and selfishness. According to The Institute For Family Studies, the leading causes of divorce are: infidelity, incompatibility, drinking or drug use, growing apart, a …

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Support call 12-2-20

This call covers:
Speaking through emotion with self government.
Giving your child to much control in your home.
Calm down time.
Follow thought help.
knowing when to trust my kids.
pre teaching in the rule of three.

Support call 11-25-2020

This call covers:
Overcoming lying.
Children deliberately peeing their pants
Using rule of three for whining.
The sex talk.
Stealing candy from siblings.
Son continually peeing himself and he know it.
Trusting kids and media use.

Support call 11-17-2020

This call covers:
Husband and wife relation ship and TSG.
13 your old son doesn’t want to go to activities.
16 year old daughter appears to accept out rules but then steals phone after hours.
teaching children about roles.
Improving sibling relationships.

Support Call 10-27-20

This Call Covers:
Finding good books for children to read
Creating a culture where consequences count
Helping children who identify as gay
Dealing with children who rebel

Support Call 10-21-20

This Call Covers:
Bedtime with small children
Helping a child with a superiority complex
Being out of control in front of your children
Children who over-report
Teaching small children about social cues and interrupting

Support Call 10-14-20

This Call Covers:
Helping children who want to do things “their own way”
Curbing lying with teenage children
Bible verses for TSG families
Teaching children hygine
TSG in the car/on the road

Support Call 10-7-20

This Call Covers:
Presenting TSG concepts to older children
Teens who just stay in bed
Helping children do medical treatments when they don’t want to
Correcting attitude problems
Reigning older children in on tech use

Support Call 8-19-20

This Call Covers:
Dealing with though teenagers
Children who struggle in school
Helping children understand masks in a pandemic

Support Call 7-8-20

This call covers:

Appropriate dinner conversation

Boundaries and discussing roles with neighbors

Older teens who don’t want to follow family rules

Bossy children

Support Call 7-1-20

This call covers:

Helping children exposed to radical ideas on the internet

Helping young children with depression

Children fighting at bedtime

Learning when to use different TSG skills

Youth learning development and schedules at home

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