Support Call 8-09-2023

This call covers:

* Major House Rule Broken
* Challenges With The Calm Down Spot
* Porn and Stealing
* Continual Disruptions From 15 Year Old
* Leaving Property Without Consent
* Family Prayer & Scriptures and TSG
* Calming Techniques
* Homeschool Child’s Concentration
* Bad Bedtime Behaviors
* Seizures, Homeschool, and Overwhelm
* Socially Motivated Teen Boy

Support Call 7-26-2023

This call covers:

* Initial Response To Negative Behavior
* ODD & Therapy
* Audiobook Recommendations
* Jealousy
* Dealing With Negative Emotions In A Healthy Way
* Teens Bossing Parents
* Feeling Hopeless
* Kids Annoying Each Other On Purpose
* ODD in Adults

Fall Fresh Start Parenting Webinar

This exciting new webinar occurred on September 16th from 9-noon Mountain Time.

I covered:

  • Improving Connection Relationships, and Behaviors This School Year
  • Helping Children Fall In Love With Learning, Even The Hard Subjects
  • Making the Home-life and School-life Schedules Harmonious Not Conflicting (Tips for smooth school days and all the other stuff too!)
  • ​Question and Answer Time With Nicholeen

Support Call 6-07-2023

This call covers:

* School in the Summer
* Loss of Privileges for Aggression
* Scheduling School in the Summer
* Setting Clear Expectations
* Addressing Extreme Statements
* Educational Goals
* Balance with Disagree Appropriately Skill
* Wake up Time in the Summer
* Inappropriate Activities for Aged 13 Daughter
* Daughter Pretends To Not Hear Parents
* Phases of Learning

Support Call 5-31-2023

This call covers:

* Some Wins and Gratitude
* Silly Boys In The Evenings
* OCD and TSG
* Potty Training Regression
* Desperate For Help
* Corrections
* Son Being Teachable
* Teen Locks Self In Room When Getting No Answer
* Biting And Other Hurtful Behavior
* Potty Training
* School in the Summer
* Using Bedroom to Get Calm
* Teaching Appearance and Manners
* College Transition with Anxiety
* Saying, “I love you”

Support Call 5-24-2023

This call covers:

* Starting With Senior In High School
* Sisters Relationship and Marriage Balance
* Corrections
* Connection With Teen In Car
* Dishonesty
* Skill: Following Instructions
* Rule of 3 With Older Youth
* 3 Year Old Tantrums
* Self-Reporting
* Homeschool
* Toddlers
* Power Struggling with Corrections
* Withdrawing Privileges
* Narcissistic Teen Girl
* Family Canon

Support Call 3-08-2023

This call covers:

4-year-old toilet issues
Homeschooling, disorganized home, work/money
9 yr/old that won’t make eye contact
Advice about grandparents’ visit
18-year-old daughter living at home, not working, not going to school
Incorporating TSG in Children’s Ministry
Calming down in all situations & mutism
Video game addiction and mental fracturing
Finding a media balance for the family
Praise becoming a negative trigger
Success story with children at a funeral

Support call 2-22-23

This call covers:
Teen Aggression
5 Year Old Language
Boundaries and Consequences with 16 Year Old
13 Year Old Girl
Food Pickiness
3 Year Old Tantrums
Helping 5 Year Old Get Calm and Accept Consequences
Grudge Holding

Support Call 2-15-23

This call covers:
Helping Son Regain Calmness
Implementing A Thomas Jefferson Education
Correction At Bedtime
Just Getting Started
Emotional Teen
Having Trouble Understanding And Staying Calm
Homeschooling With 8 Children
Love of Learner Question
Blended Family and Parental Alienation
Accepting Consequences

Support call 2-1-23

This call covers:
Attitude or Developmental Issue
3 Year Old Guidance Ideas?
Daughter Just Will NOT Listen:
5 Year Old Using Not Nice Language: pdfs

Support call 1-25-23

This call covers:
A Husband’s Question
Blame and Gossiping
Physical Fights
Out Of Instructional Control
Teenage Daughter First Date
K-12 Basics In Four Years
Carelessness and Getting Distracted
Lazy Learners
stuck in the workbooks of homeschool

Support call 1-18-23

This call covers:
16 Year Old Noncompliance
Not Feeling Safe
Continuation of 6 Year Old Going Back To School Question From Last Week
Make Amends

Support call 1-4-23

This call covers:
My Nine-Year-Old Daughter Resists Using The Skills:
15 Year Old Daughter Phone Etiquette:
Loss of Privileges for 24 Hours:
Every Single Day Do A Family Canon?
Not wanting to control my adult child
Activities that don’t involve screens.
Screen time.

Support call 11-16-22

This call covers:
staying consistent while sick.
Removing positive consequence.
Helping daughter that wants to drop out of college.
Letting children sleep in.
Child disconnecting while being talked to.

Support call 9-28-22

This call covers:
Encouraging kids to get their work done.
Engaging and challenging a 6 yeah old with ADHD.
Family activities with only one child at home.
Children wanting to play at other homes.
Oldest child bossing other children around.
Children not wanting to participate with other “weird” children.
Focusing on TSG for two week.
Teens who need attention and validation.
8 year old not wanting to control his emotions.
Role of emotion.
Increasing attention span.
staying calm while others are attention seeking.

Support call 9-21-22

This call covers:
modified rule of three.
When to start rule of three.
TSG in public.
child wanting to sweep things under the rug.
Child disagreeing appropriately EVERY time.
Consequences for 2 year old with speech delay.
Children following instructions to avoid consequences.
Showing compassion but helping adult son improve.
Daughter wanting to cut her hair short.
Child disrespecting mom.
Husband undermining mom.

Support call 8-10-22

This call covers:
Helicopter parenting.
Rule of three question.
Children not paying attention during school time.
Homeschool co-op.
Child not wanting to lose teeth.
Child hating calm down spot.
Friends not wanting to hang out anymore.
Children not being calm while doing extra chores.

Support call 8-3-22

This call covers:
Staying consistent.
Adult children disagreeing with family beliefs.
Scholar phase of school.
16 month old children.
Teens leaving home for multiple day adventures.