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Family Economy

A Heart-Melting Christmas

“Look what I got for Christmas,” said my friend Megan as she held up a single serving package of crackers with a small red stick for the spreadable cheese.... more

Teaching Self-Government Parenting Seminar

This is the recording of a day-long parenting seminar given by Nicholeen. You will learn the methods she uses to parent her children that have worked for thousands of families. Even if families only implement s... more

Support Call 11-27-15

This call covers:

  • HUGE deals for this weekend! Get TSG merchandise and classes for great deals and get gifts for others!
  • Black Friday and Kenya update/"discussion"
  • My 9-year-old has put only expensive things on his Christmas list that I don't want him to have. How do I deal with that?
  • I don't really like family gatherings because my extended family judges how we parent. I'm sure they think we're "uptight. What do I do?
  • How do I stop kids from becoming spoiled and entitled at Christmas, especially with blended families where lots of gifts are given?
  • My age 6 son broke something at my sister-in-law's while we were there for Thanksgiving. This seems to happen a lot. I feel like this affects our extended family relationships. What can I do to keep those relatioships in tact?

Support Call 2-27-15

This call covers:

  • Homeschooling and keeping the focus in a big family
  • Guiding simultanious situations and keeping my sanity
  • The role of the older sibling left in charge. Can they give chores?
  • Consistency with TSG
  • Dating, courting, and Adulthood. What are your rules and when is someone an adult?
  • Family on the calls
  • More questions on my manipulative mother and gratitude for Nicholeen's clarity

Healing The Home

In this audio class Nicholeen discusses the first three things to do to heal a sick home.

  1. Family Economy:  Rules & Consequences 
  2. Parent Counceling Sessions (The 5th Teaching Style)
  3. 4 Basic Skills

Other topics discussed:

  • Analyze the sickness like a doctor: ask, hear, listen, and walk
  • Tone
  • Tolerances
  • The "Soft Hold"
  • Common sense skills like "Asking For Help"

Stressed Out To Chilled Out ~ My True Story

I am not a stress out type person. My part 'yellow' personality usually keeps me rather laid back and happy no matter what troubles come my way. This has been a blessing many times in my life. But, I can feel s... more

Getting Started

"I was just wondering, when trying to set up this type of family government for the first time, does it take several family meetings before you can actually implement it?  You talk about how each meeting shoul... more