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FREE Peck Family Night Webinar

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10 Favorite Family Activities PLUS Get All Your Parenting Questions Answered in this once in a lifetime FREE Webinar with the Peck Family!

When I went to China in 2010 to teach the Chinese about self-government principles they had one main question: "How can I get my child to do better in school?" 

The answer I felt they needed most to this question was: "Have weekly family activities!" 

They were surprised and intrigued by this answer.

Whenever I speak to families about the "9 Principles for Creating an Effective Family Government" the first principle I present is having weekly family activities.  Family activities unite families and inspire a feeling of love and respect at home. 

The Problem

The problem with the family activity idea is that some people have a hard time thinking of fun things to do.  Their family activities get stale.  And, some people have confided in me that they are not really fun or spontaneous by nature so they just don't really know where to start for family fun.

Problem Solved

On September 29th, two days before my oldest son, Quin, goes for two years to Tokyo, Japan, we are having a family night webinar all about our favorite family fun activities.  Beware, some things we do are kind of silly. 

On this FREE family night webinar we will spend the first 30 - 40 minutes talking about and even possibly showing our favorite family activities.  Then, for the last little while we will answer your pressing parenting questions.  So, come prepared to pick our brains about family fun or self-government. 

This webinar is a special gift for you to be part of as a thank you for all of your friendship and support over the years as well as a celebration of the decision of our son to go serve the people in Tokyo for the next two years.  (All those years of Japanese in our homeschool are going to really pay off I think.) 

Sign up today.  Invite friends that you think might want to liven up their family night fun times! 

I'm so excited for you to participate in some of the silly things we do for fun! 

See you all on September 29th at 6:30 pm MDT!!!  And, thank you for your friendship and support these past 15 years as we have tried to help families become free from emotional bondage by learning self-government. 


Nicholeen Peck
Parenting Mentor & Family Support
Author of: "Parenting A House United" 
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President of: Worldwide Organization For Women