Trevor and D.D. Black | Teaching Self-Government

Trevor and D.D. Black

"My husband Trevor, & I, are so grateful for the gift of being parents to 8 incredible children. In that, we have continual opportunities to learn, to grow & to make lots of mistakes while we are at it! We are so grateful for the blessings that we have been given in gaining understanding & skills that have, & continue to, beautifully bless & strengthen us as husband & wife, & in our significant roles as "dad" & "mom", as we are learning & teaching self-government in our own home. Because of this, we are so, so very grateful, to be able to share what has blessed our lives with other families, as we continue to grow in our own understanding, skill development & abilities. We do not teach the Teaching Self-Government skills & share these resources, because we "have them down pat". Heaven knows this is not the case! We simply teach these skills & share these resources because we want so much to share the gifts we've been given; helping other families to be free & grow in truth & joy, as they likewise learn, live & grow daily in learning & teaching self-government. May God bless & strengthen you & yours in this grand adventure!" D.D. Black  Visit online at